The Hill Team enjoys learning and sharing  the latest trends in the international culinary world.
I was fortunate to participate in a recent conference sponsored by Flavor & the Menu, featuring top chefs demonstrating the latest innovations in food and drink creations. The craft beer boom, basil floating in your pomegranate martini and the renaissance of  food trucks, are all treasure troves to travel writers.  Check out the new age of  global casualization from Flavor & the Menu this month.
Flavor Trends
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The New Age of Casualization
There may be no more significant trend in foodservice today than dining casualization, and riding this wave is a consumer demand for global flavors. Food trucks are showing up on neighborhood corners across the nation, treating favorites like hot dogs, burgers and french fries as carriers for an endless variety of non-traditional and globally inspired ingredients. Tacos are also a favorite platform for all manner of ingredient upgrades and flavor transformations as consumers flock to foods that offer comfort with a twist. Read more about this megatrend of casualization in Flavor & the Menu’s Top Concept Trend for 2012 (/Tacos in Transition/) and then read Gerry Ludwig’s report on menu-ready opportunities rising from the convergence of global cuisines and dining casualization.