Since I will be heading back to Peggy Sue’s Diner on California’s old Route 66 this month, here is a martini by Jonathan Goodall in her honor. For those of you who remember the still popular song  (number 3 in 1957) by Buddy Holly and The Crickets, it was originally called Cindy Lou.

Peggy Sue’s Martini
2-1/2 fl oz gin
1/2 fl oz sweet vermouth
1/2 fl oz Dubonnet
1/2 fl oz Pernod
1 lemon twist garnish
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist
Some times I alter this recipe by switching the sweet vermouth for dry and adding olives.
When at Peggy Sue’s, I order a cheeseburger and shake.
My favorite martini books are by Jonathan Goodall, called Martini, with 500 recipes.
The other is by  Barnaby Conrad the third, The Martini, with a fascinating history.
Maralyn I met him at his Dad’s Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference.
My neighbors hosted a retro cocktail party this month. We sipped Manhattans and martinis, then, savored deviled eggs and pigs in a blanket. Instead of a new twist we had fun with old trends, while listening to golden oldies.