‘Wild Seafood’ Newest Cookbook + Wellness Retreat + Recipes

‘Wild Seafood’ Newest Cookbook + Wellness Retreat + Recipes

I’ve followed Susanne’s writing and various cookbooks for at least eight years. They have all been worthwhile and this one does a fine job incorporating her love of wellness with tasty dishes. ~MDH

Wilder Wild Seafood

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‘Wild Seafood’ Newest cookbook + Wellness Retreat

Behind the Kitchen Door -Come in and Cook on the Wild Side

G’day from WA!
It’s great to reconnect with you and I am excited to share my new ventures with “Wilder Wellness” and to bring you more healthy living cooking inspirations!

The latest e-book is here, enjoy a taste of it …

  • 12 dishes with many recipe variations in one
  • 15 minutes or less prep or active time
  • 30 minutes total with cooking timeMy latest release of Wilder by the DozenWild Seafood ~ Simple Healthy Timeless to give you a wild and fun side of culinary principles.  Learning these will allow your own creativity and culinary prowess to spring forth to greater heights. The dishes that you will find in this e-book are again more than happy homemaker recipes; they are an introduction to foundational food technologies that embrace various techniques to prepare successful dishes. These include mis en place, sauté, grill, poach, braise, barbecue and oven bake just to list a few. Just this week I posted a new blog on my food philosophy and culinary principles of seafood and more.Actually I just got back from 2 months in Exmouth with a couple of weeks on Wilderness Island What fun it was to fish, crab, paddle and cook for the guests to contra’ my own room (cute cabin) and board. http://www.wildernessisland.com.au/Purchase your copy of the latest ‘Simple Healthy Timeless’ edition. My background..
    I am now a wellness reformed Cordon Bleu chef and Ethicurean tomboy these days (for decades). My food lifestyle philosophy is a blend of time-honoured cooking techniques and the latest nutritional findings, eating lightly and low on the food chain, exercising in fun ways all for a higher fitness level, more balance and overall higher quality of life.More details See all my e-books for purchase.UPCOMING WELLNESS RETREAT …
    For those of you who need could do with a wellness retreat sooner than later… then read on. I will be working with the team at Wholesome Life with culinary wellness adventures, soon. Kick start 2014 with a natural and healthy boost at Wholesome Life’s next wellbeing retreat in Yallingup …this month, small group limited spacesYOGA + BEACH FITNESS + HEALTHY EATING 
    31 Jan – 3 Feb 2014 (3 nights, beachside retreat at luxury Smiths Beach Resort, Yallingup WA).
    Join us at our next revitalising and healthy living retreat at Smiths Beach Resort, Yallingup from 31 Jan – 3 Feb. This 3 night getaway enough time feel refreshed, renew with healthy inspirations to take home with you with a wellness retreat program to support and nurture your wellbeing.All inclusive retreat includes 3 nights in resort accommodation, all meals, daily yoga, beach fitness classes, raw food workshops, group sessions, organic ‘indulgent’ regional tour, healthy retreat menu with juices, feel-good smoothies and time out to relax just for YOU. Enjoy the natural down south setting and even spoil yourself with a massage and spa treatments, all in luxury and comfort.
    Limited places spots left, small intimate retreat group.
    Further retreat information READ MORE
    or email info@wholesomelife.com.au

    Natural living, starts with you, there is still time for a break away! CONNECT WITH WHOLESOME LIFE          website:www.wholesomelife.com.au
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wholesomeliferetreats

Enjoy your wild cooking and stay well,

Susanne Wilder

Susanne E. Wilder
+61407 649 437
Facebook: wilderdozen
Twitter: foodygoddess
Skype: wilderwoman
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Latest e-book to purchase on Amazon TODAY!

A sample recipe from the latest e-cookbook:PESCADERO BORRACHO (Drunken Fish)
4 Servings
Any fish fillet, scallop or shrimp can be soused in this sauce. However, it’s also great on that chicken breast or turkey tenderloin. Grill thrills are easy with fish if you remember the 10 minutes an inch theory. If you poach, bake sauté or grill; cook it ten minutes an inch per thickness of fish.
4 6oz/180g any fillet of fish
2 lbs shrimp or scallops
1/3 cup lemon juice
1/3 cup tequila
2 tsp. olive oil
2-tbs. fresh chopped basil and rosemary
1 clove garlic, minced or pressed
1/8 tsp. salt
Freshly ground pepperTHE WILDER METHOD
  1. Blend all ingredients.
  2. Marinate over fish at least 30 minutes but not overnight or you’ll have Ceviche.
  3. Grill, sauté, bake or broil at will.
___________________________ A bonus Seafood Video …SALMON SCALLOP QUENELLES
Now I am rather proud of this created new feather-light technology with all the aesthetic visuals to please the eye as well as the palate. The Cordon Bleu style is made with choux paste, heavy cream and Cognac. I tested with egg whites to bind and good ole’ evap’ skim milk. Lo and behold it was indeed lighter, simpler, healthier and stilltimeless from the glories of classic French cuisine.WATCH ME MAKE IT
15 minutes prep
12-15 minutes cooking

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