By Bency George

It has been observed that people postpone their travel plans simply because they don’t want to fill up a US government passport application form or are simply ignorant about how to fill up the form. But they don’t know the fact that filling up the US application form is simple and easy. Even in future, if you plan to leave the country, it is advisable to get all the paper work done to avoid applying for it at the last moment.

To find the application form, you can visit the official website of the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs. This website has all the relevant information required by applicants to fill up the application form. Also, it allows you to make a print out of the application form. Besides this, you can also type in your residential address and find out passport offices located in your nearby area.

Following are some noteworthy tips, which will help you in filling the US passport application:

  1. Submitting application – If you are minor and applying for a passport for the first time or got your last passport more than 15 years ago or if you don’t have it for any reason, then you have to visit the passport office for submitting your application.

  2. Time duration – For time-sensitive situation that requires you to have a passport, then you will be required to apply for it as early as possible. It usually takes about 5 to 6 weeks to get this valid document. So, it is advisable to apply for this legal document well in advance so that you don’t have to rush to apply for it at the last moment.

  3. Expedited passports – If an urgent situation arises, then you can get your passport expedited. By choosing this option, it can be done in as little as 24 hours to get the document. However, the only drawback of this option is that you will have to pay little bit of a higher rate.

  4. Photographs – At the time of filling up application form for Passport NYC, you will be required to submit your two photographs. There are some specific requirements for the photographs so it is advisable to approach a service that will take your picture and print out the right dimensions.

  5. Form DS-82 and DS-11 – If you are applying by mail, then you will be required to fill out the Form DS-82. Follow the instructions mentioned in the form carefully and write clearly. Additionally, you will be required to send two photos, your old passport and relevant certificates for name changes.

Whereas, if you never had a passport before or are completing the application on behalf of minor applicant, then you will be required to fill Form DS-11. In case of minor, both child and guardian are required to visit the passport office.

Thus, by following these tips you will face no difficulties while filling the application form.

Author Bio

Bency George has immense knowledge on passport application services. He provides useful information and tips regarding how to fill up the application form correctly and what are the points you should take into consideration at the time of filling up the application form for Passport NYC.

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