There are a number of Galbi restaurants in Korea that are located nearly on every block. One could always find some place for the Korean BBQ lovers as the country is much popular for the delicious Galbis and BBQs. Also, as the restaurants have been located at each and every corner of the Korean streets and so it becomes hard to choose the best one. As a result, heading towards the best BBQ restaurant is quite a perplexing task.

So, to make this task easier we are listing down top delicious Korean BBQ restaurant. Let us have a look at that:

  • WooSung Galbi in Yaksu-dong:

This is one of the best galbi restaurants that is situated in the middle of Yaksu Market. Some may call it ghetto, but others may say that it’s very old school Korean experience. Along with this, the simplicity is another great part of its success. There are just two items on the menu pork rinds and pork galbi.

  • High-end Galbi at Byeokje Galbi in Seoraemaul:

If one loves to have a fine dining or if one is having any special occasion, they can head over to Byeokje Galbi. This is highly recommended as a fine dining galbi restaurant in the Seoul which seriously has some of the best galbi in the town. They only make use of high-end Korean beef for almost all types of dishes.

  • Sutbul Mapo Galbi near Shincheon Station:

This restaurant is popular for its marinated galbi, having both beef and pork versions. The special marinade used by the restaurant is the key factor that makes it different from other restaurants. Instead of using the typical seasonings of other Korean galbi recipes, they generally add plums in the marinade in order to make use of their natural sweetness.

  • Gangnammyeonok in Shinsa-dong:

Gangnammyeonok is another restaurant that serves with the best galbi jjim in Seoul. With any of the orders of galbi jjim one would get a bowl of galbi tang soup in order to get a free and nice warm up before having the main course as a meal. But galbi jjim is the only thing for which one prefers this restaurant. Korean bloggers could claim that the secret is the sesame oil in the galbi jjim recipe that gives a delicious taste when there is a perfect combination of little-sweet, little-salty, semi-spicy as well as fall-off-the-bone galbi jjim restaurant owners could hope for.

  • Old School Seoul Bulgogi in Mapo:

Even if the Seoul Bulgogi restaurant is famous for its bulgogi, it is also famous for another galbi variation. The restaurant is much famous as it serves some of the best galbi tang in Seoul. They also serve 2-3 beef-based items as the special items in the breakfast menu.

  • Mapo Sutbul Galbi in Nonhyun-dong:

This is one of the best Galbi restaurants that is situated in the ever trendy Nonhyun area and is ready to serve with their delicious dishes 24/7. It is one of the favorite destinations for the Korean drama or movie superstars. Usually, tables of this restaurant are commonly reserved for the celebrations by the Korean drama or the movie crews after successful completion of the projects. The walls of the restaurant are being plastered with the pictures of Korean celebrities who have partaken with the famous galbi offerings. One can try their specialty- Wang-Seng-Galbi, which costs almost 30,000 won per person.

  • All You Can Eat Galbi at New Seoul Restaurant by Nowon Station:

The quality of food in this restaurant is quite well above par. Although, there have been just one choice and that is eating the pork galbi, that one would be pleased to find the quality as well as the flavor of foods that are mismatched with the quite low price. One would find the more costly charcoal fires which are generally not offered by the typical galbi restaurants.
Thus, these were some of the top BBQ and galbi restaurants of Korea which one should surely visit once if they are planning a tour in Korea.

Author’s Bio:
Daniel Clark is a well known professional chef and professional blogger too. Here he is sharing the top delicious Korean BBQ restaurants that serve customers with their best galbi and BBQ dishes.

Photos courtesy of FLICKR


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