By Jenny Hahn

People who like drinking beer and who also like visiting new places can create a great beer tour all over the world to taste various kinds of beer and meet numerous countries and cities. We have made a short overview of the most popular and attractive beer-friendly destinations in the world.

Beer Festivals from
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Beer Festivals from

European beer hubs

Vienna calling


Traditionally, Austria and Germany are always among top countries when it comes to beer production and consumption. The southern part of this tandem offers numerous cultural attractions of highest importance on the global level. When you set off for Austria to see these sights, do not miss on their family breweries and great variety of beers that can be drunk there. Vienna, as the capital and the largest city, has a long tradition of fine beer-makers and you should definitely make a Vienna beer tour.

The Czech Beerpublic

According to some research on beer consumption per person, the Czech Republic (or rather Beerpublic) is the top country when it comes to the number of liters an average inhabitant of this nice country in the heart of Europe drinks. It is no wonder that many tourists come to this country not only to see the famous Karlovy Vary Spa or the Charles Bridge in Prague, but also to feel and enjoy the taste of Czech beers and the atmosphere in their beer taverns. While Prague is the central point of beer production and consumption in the Czech Republic, do not dodge Plzen on your tour around this beautiful country. The Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery is the most famous of all the breweries in the Czech Republic.

Get south to beer the mouth

South Africa for beer lovers

South Africa is one of the countries in the southern hemisphere that has a long beer tradition. This so mainly because of the influence Great Britain and the Netherlands had on this country in the past. The largest manufacturer in this country is the South African Breweries. Also, there are numerous small breweries that make beer of a nuanced taste and aroma. No matter if you are in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Pretoria, you always have a vast array of beer brands at your disposal.

Australia – the gem of the south

As another country in the south whose history was marked with the arrival of the European settlers, Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to beer. Apart from large brewing companies, you can also get beer in a huge variety of microbreweries. So, when you get enough of mass-produced beer, you can opt for beer brew supplies for Sydney breweries to enjoy their beauty and treat your tongue buds to all sorts of aromas and flavors, from lager to ales and stout beer brands.

Wherever in the world you go, you should always try as many indigenous products as you can. As food and drinks market is becoming more and more uniformed, use the travel opportunity to taste and enjoy all the domicile eating and drinking specialties that you can.

Jenny Hahn is an Aussie globetrotter writing her life’s story one travel at a time. You can find her on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.