By Sharron Elkabas

Traveling with children can make the journey a little more complicated, but knowing the travel requirements for your child will make the journey easier. A Child Passport may be necessary for access to certain countries outside of the UK.

According to EasyJet, they have noted specific rules for ID requirements for children. Children younger than 16 travelling on internal flights in the UK, France, Spain and Portugal don’t have to provide documentation if accompanied by an adult who can guarantee for the child’s identity. However, children on domestic flights to Italy are required to have their National Identity Card or a Passport.


Children under taking international flights need either a valid ID card or passport and any other essential documents. Certain limitations exist in relation to ID requirements for children of certain nationalities, or travelling to and from certain countries.


An amendment to travel requirements has made it so children can be added to a Parent or Guardians Passport. This change applies to all EU/EEA Nationals. Children ought to have their own Passport while travelling as the 3- year modification period for entering children on their parent’s passport finishes. From that date onwards, previous entries of children in their parent’s passports are no longer useable. The passport is then only valid for its possessor. Any child added to the document, will need to hold its own passport. These changes won’t affect the right to travel with a EU National Identity Card if applicable. Make sure to refer to your passport distributing office for further details.


For children traveling to the UK, you can do so without an adult (someone over the age of 18). All your parent or guardian will need to provide, is their written consent for you to travel to the UK and complete contact details. They’ll also need to provide proof that you have somewhere appropriate to live during your stay in the UK. These details include the name and date of birth of the person that you will be dwelling with, the address where you will be staying, specifics of your association with the person who’ll be taking care of you, and permission in writing so that they can take care of you while you stay in the UK.

If your child will be studying in the UK or is under 16, your child will be required to provide a letter from the school confirming it has notified the local authority of your visit and your care arrangements. If your school has received a reply from the local authorities, you are required to include their written reply.


The TSA has announced that their screening measures for passengers 12 and under include permitting children 12 and under to leave their shoes on. They are also allowing numerous passes through the walk through metal detector and advanced imaging technology to clear any alarms on children. Explosives trace detection technology is used on a larger basis to resolve alarms on children.

You can also find a good guide at Ultimate Guide to Flying with Children.

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