Tahiti Travel Connection believes that a honeymoon is one of the most important journeys that couples take, and believes in making the experience feel like a dream come true. Knowing all this, providing a variety of packages and options to choose from is imperative. Here at Tahiti Travel Connection, we are dedicated to our clients and are always looking forward to providing them with all the information they require. The openness in communication and tailored offers are important in order for honeymooners to be able to choose an experience that suits them best. We strongly believe that Tahiti is the best island for a young couple in love and those who want to combine their adventurous spirit with a desire to relax in the sun. We are excited to share some of our 2015 honeymoon packages with you.

Honeymoon Extravaganza Moorea & Bora Bora Package

On probably two of the most beautiful islands in the region, newlyweds will have enough time to de-stress from the wedding organization and start making some new memories. They are provided with three nights in Moorea and five in Bora Bora at highly respected resorts that include a buffet breakfast, rooms with wonderful views of the sea and an option to choose one of our overwater bungalows. Honeymooners are also presented with a number of gifts, from a bottle of champagne and local flower arrangements to free additional nights in Moorea and one in Bora Bora with a 5% discounts on rooms for extra enjoyment. Finally, a most exciting 360° Panoramic Motu Picnic Tour is something you should definitely not miss!

Tuamotu Time out Tikehau & Rangiroa Package

An entire week spent at the exotic islands of Tikehau and Rangiroa is something that some people dream of and, knowing what these locations offer and how time spent there reflects on the visitors’ inner peace, this is understandable. With an airfare discount of $100 per person included, a complementary Tahitian black pearl and a bottle of fine wine, you too can feel special and pampered in an environment that combines wonderful beaches and a tranquil atmosphere. With options of scuba diving on both islands, visitors can make a choice between being active during their honeymoon or just enjoying the environment from the comfort of their beach bungalow. Finally, you can top it all off with a visit to the nearby Tuamotu Archipelago on the Blue Lagoon Tour with a Motu picnic.

Polynesian Adventure Huahine Package

Those who decide to spend an exciting five nights at this island, also known as the Garden of Eden, will enjoy the benefits of a garden bungalow at the Maitai Lapita Village. Surrounded with lush vegetation, numerous sandy beaches and hidden lagoons, this location is the perfect getaway from stressful life and something every newlywed couple will cherish. Visitors are introduced to the history and tradition of the island via pottery gifts and can explore the island during a boat tour with picnic. Also, free transfers in Tahiti and an airfare bonus are included in this package.

Pearl of the Pacific Bora Bora Package

This package includes a five-night stay at a traditional Polynesian hotel that prides itself on the magnificent views onto Mt Otemanu, the island’s highest point of over seven hundred meters. Staying in an overwater bungalow is a special treat, but it is the panoramic picnic tour and the wonderful beaches that will turn this trip into an event you will remember in the years to come. Finally, if you book early, a 30% discount on accommodation accompanies free transfers in Tahiti and a special gift for the new bride – a Tahitian black pearl in its jewel-case.

Romance in Paradise – Moorea Package

If you consider a romantic time on an exotic island a solid base for marriage, this is the package for you. Spend five nights at a beach resort’s overwater bungalow and enjoy activities aimed at a couple’s pleasure such as a canoe breakfast, a romantic dinner and cocktails in the sunset. Also, you will receive multiple discounts on rooms and bonuses that include a complimentary bottle of champagne and traditional clothes suited for the Tahitian environment. In the end, an optional gastronomic experience over the lagoon where you can taste the flavors of Moorea is also available.

Some of our other honeymoon packages can be found here. Feel free to explore everything our agency has to offer, and contact us for enquiries.


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