Be the Grill Master this Summer with Paulding& Company

Be the Grill Master this Summer with Paulding& Company




Grilling Weather! Suddenly we’ve gone from winter to spring, at least until the weather changes once again (we can only hope!). Time to get the grill brush out and get rid of that rust, and oil up the grill so you can think about the easy, fun task of grilling a perfect steak. Yes, grilling a good steak is a bit of an art. Of course, the better the meat, the easier it is to practice this art.

Below is a crucial spring/ summer “How-to” created by a grilling expert at Paulding& Company.

How to Cook that Steak

  • Take your steak out of the refrigerator ½ hour before grilling. Season it with salt and pepper, and leave at room temperature. This gives the salt a bit of time to absorb into the meat, and enhances the flavor of the steak. It also warms it a bit, shortening grill time, and giving you a better chance of the edges not overcooking by the time the middle is done enough.
  • Get the grill really, really hot. Make sure it is clean and lightly oiled, so the steak doesn’t stick to it or pick up bits of char. If you want, you can also lightly oil the meat.
  • Your average 1 ¼ inch thick steak, cooked to medium-rare, will take about 10-12 minutes on the grill. Less if it’s lean grass-fed beef, which cooks MUCH faster than corn-finished meat.
  • Figuring out when it’s done is a matter of feel, more than anything. Soft and squishy, the meat’s still quite raw. A bit springy, rare. A little bit stiffer, medium. And stiff as a board, it’s well done. How you like your meat is a matter of taste, and what you’re used to. Some cuts are better than others if you prefer more well done meat; the skirt and bavette steaks for instance, don’t get quite so dry. A well-done grass fed strip steak could be compared to cardboard.

    Grilled Steak

    Grilled Steak

  • When I cook a steak, I plan on three turns — the first, after about 3 minutes, ¼ rotation, without flipping it. That way you end up with cross-hatched grill marks. The second, after 5-6 minutes, is a flip-over. The final turn, again ¼ rotation. This one is the least crucial, since you only really see one side of the steak. If it seems like the steak is getting too cooked, don’t bother with it. Just get it off the grill.
  • Rest your meat! Nothing is worse than cutting into a piece of meat where the juices are still bubbling around inside, and watching those juices run out, leaving a dry steak. Give it a couple of minutes to relax before you slice.
  •  If you’re grilling something like skirt of bavette steak, be sure to cut it across the grain. Simply cut segments about 4 inches wide, and then slice those the other way, and you’ll have tender meat. 

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