By Carl James

Paying off loans over a period of time does not mean that you have to cancel all your travel plans until the loans are fully paid off. There are many people in this type of situation, who want to be able to travel but think that it is impossible until they pay off debt.

Your travel dreams can come true before you eliminate your debt. Planning a trip with substantial monthly loan payments is challenging but it is possible. Proper planning and dedication is required if you are planning to travel without being debt free.

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One of your priorities should always be to save money. Before setting off on your trip, you need to check on your savings account. As you pay off debt, setting aside some money  each month should always be a priority. The amount that you set aside should be based on your financial goals in regards to how much you want to save.

Reduce Spending

  • Saving involves limiting your expenditure and looking for affordable alternatives in various aspects of your life. It may be difficult to restrict your spending initially but you will eventually get used to a frugal lifestyle. It can be quite a rewarding experience to avoid spending your hard earned money on expensive meals or unnecessary entertainment.
  • The less money you spend, the more you will be able to save in the long run. Along with cheaper alternatives, you also need to avoid spending money on things that you do not need. To know more about debt relief visit our site.
  • Whether it is the latest mobile device or a car that you have had your eye on for some time, resist the desire to make costly purchases until you are debt free.
  • Brand new items usually cost much more than used ones. During the process of paying off debt and preparing to travel, consider buying used items such as furniture, which will save you money.

While you travel, avoid using the money that you are supposed to use for debt repayments. If you are employed, you can spare an extra amount for your loan payments. This will extend the due date and give you more time to pay off your debt while traveling.

Making Money while Traveling

During your trip there are various innovative ways for you to earn extra money. If you are away for an extended period of time, consider renting out your home for the duration of your trip. Since your debt repayment plan is a priority, you need to minimize other monthly expenses as you travel. If you settle down at your destination, you can find some work to do and gain financial stability. There are different services you can offer and you can use online resources to find various opportunities.


Debt no longer has to be hindrance to traveling. The most important aspect of traveling with debt is to ensure that you save enough money before the trip. Avoid spending your all your money and compromising your savings. With planning and a few lifestyle adjustments, you can travel and achieve your goal of a debt free life.


Carl James is a professional photographer and blogger. He enjoys traveling to different places and sharing travel trips with others. To know more about debt relief visit our site.

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