The 23 Coolest Restaurant Trends We Spotted In 2016 | Bon Appetite

The 23 Coolest Restaurant Trends We Spotted In 2016 | Bon Appetite

Maralyn and I enjoy keeping up with  current creative food trends. A favorite magazine for
menu and restaurant trends is Flavor & The Menu.

My daughter, Robin Schempp,| writes for this culinary specialty publication. Her article for the current issue is on food we crave. Cheese.

Robin explains the other grilled cheese, bread and cheese kabobs, and a buttery bread cheese called Juustoleipa from Scandinavia that I can hardly wait to try. Also featured is a creamy four cheese macaroni from Cru Cafe in one of our favorite places to dine…Charleston, SC.

However, here are the 23 trends for this year according to Bon Appetite.  They cover the topic in detail.


Alex Lau
  1. Is There Anything You Can’t Milk?

The coffee world presents a tyranny of choices: latte or flat white? Ethiopian or Colombian? And it just got more vexing. Shops are showing up soy and almond milks with, let’s say, nuttier milk alternatives: pistachio and hazelnut at D.C.’s Pineapple and Pearls, cashew at Corvus Coffee Roasters in Denver, oat at Baker Miller in Chicago, and macadamia at L.A.’s Go Get Em Tiger.

Alex Lau
  1. The Bar of the Future

Wood-paneled geometric interiors from New York design firm Home Studios—like this stunner, Sisters in Brooklyn—are redefining bar and restaurant design. A few of Home’s signature details coming soon to a spot near you:

Do the Math
Home relies on symmetry and mathematical angles. “We’re fans of the 45-degree angle,” says design director Danielle Epstein. “It’s logical. We use restraint while still having fun with the materials.”

Look Up
Wood paneling on the super-high ceiling keeps the space feeling down-to-earth. “We weren’t going for an overwhelming, grand feeling,” Epstein says. “We wanted it to be comfortable and neighborhood-y.”

Age Gracefully
The white Portland cement bar top is unfinished and unpolished, so it’ll age and patina over time. That gives it character and an “incredible warmth that you don’t associate with concrete,” she says.

Courtesy of General Porpoise

Elizabeth Cecil
  1. Fill ’Er Up

Pretty soon, standard jelly doughnuts will be so obscure they’ll be answers on Jeopardy! That’s because our favorite airy pillows of dough are getting inventive fillings like date-shake custard (General Porpoise, Seattle), Earl Grey cream (Vive La Tarte, San Francisco), Cointreau (Blue Star, Portland, OR), and grapefruit curd (Galaxie, Louisville, KY). What is a jelly doughnut? A thing of the past for 600, Alex.

Bathroom or art installation? At Black Eye Coffee in Denver, the WC is both.

Benjamin Rasmussen
  1. Have You Seen the Bathroom?!

Today’s WCs are like carefully curated art installations begging to be the backdrop of your next selfie. A sampling of some of the coolest things we noticed in bathrooms this year:

Disco Balls at Dino’s Tomato Pie, Seattle
A colorful LED light show starts the moment you open the door.

Quirky Signage at Trompo, Dallas
Male and female figures on the bathroom door are trying to “hold it.” Been there!

Audiobooks at Black Eye Coffee, Denver
Jeff Bridges’s Sleeping Tapes and Christopher Walken reading Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven play on a rotating loop.

Cutouts at The Spillover, Miami
A life-size version of Telemundo host Don Francisco greets diners. Why not?

Alex Lau
  1. Rice Ballin’

Japanese onigiri are compact nori-bound triangles of seasoned sushi rice with fillings. And right now they’re being stuffed with all sorts of deliciousness, like smoked local fish at Short Grain Food Truck in Charleston, SC, and fried chicken at Brooklyn’s Kichin. They’re a portable ode to the subtle beauty of perfectly cooked rice—and they’ll soon be your favorite leftover-filled snack.

Get the Recipe: Onigiri

Doug Friedman
To get the rest of the trends, click on the Bon Appetite below. They are interesting and will be fun to watch for in the upcoming year.


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