By Linda Walsh

The concept of being healthy and fit can be daunting, but the reality is that good health is worth every effort. There are steps that you can take to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A key step is to develop a positive attitude towards health and fitness. You attitude will determine whether or not you will be able to accomplish your goals.

Exercise Journal

Being healthy is a gradual lifestyle change that incorporates aspects of your life that are geared towards adopting healthier habits. A health or exercise journal can make it easier for you to monitor your progress and achievements. Use your journal to track your workouts and the things you eat everyday. Avoid giving up when you encounter obstacles along the way.

Stress Ball
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Stress Ball

Motivation and Support

Do not quit because you are not gaining muscle or losing as much as weight or as you expected. Each setback is a lesson that you can use to improve your situation. Set goals and reward yourself whenever you achieve them. This is important for motivation and giving you something to look forward to.

It is always easier to accomplish your health and fitness goals when you have support.  Get friend, colleague or family member who can join you on your fitness journey. Create exercise schedules that work for both of you, encourage and applaud each other. Any lifestyle changes that you make should be turned into habits that you will sustain for the rest of your life.

Increase Physical Activity

Challenging yourself with more exercise will optimize your physical and mental well-being. It is easy to become more physically active by walking instead of driving short distances, walking the dog, doing house chores and exercising whenever you can. All physical activities that require effort or exertion will help you get healthier. Find stress ball on a string here.

Health and Stress Balls

Everyone can use stress balls that provide an affordable way to ease stress along with other health benefits. When used properly, these balls can be highly beneficial for both the body and mind. They offer a relaxing break from constantly typing on your computer or give you something to concentrate on during challenging situations.


People typically use their stress balls to meditate by focusing on them and not thinking about other things. They place their feelings and concerns in the balls and squeezing them is a symbolic way to get rid of those negative feelings.

Physical Therapy and Blood Circulation

  • Stress balls are also used for treating hand conditions such as arthritis. The balls are used to exercise the hands and fingers. If you want to use stress balls to help you deal with a medical condition, you can seek guidance from health professionals.
  • Contracting the muscles of the fingers and hands improves blood circulation and the flow of blood to the hands. This can help to improve the functionality of hands and wrists.
  • Stress balls can be used for physical therapy to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles.
  • Getting a ball for stress relief will give you a way to make it through various stressful circumstances and relax the body.


Linda Walsh is a freelance editor and writer. She is passionate about health, business and technology. Her hobbies include traveling around the world, making new friends and dancing. To find out more about where to find a stress ball on a string, click here.

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