Packing Light Without Sacrificing Your Personal Style

Packing Light Without Sacrificing Your Personal Style

By Lindsey Patterson

Packing Light Without Sacrificing Your Personal Style

Style is personal. No two people share the same style, which is what makes it so beautiful. Your own style is what makes you unique, and it’s what makes you stand out from everyone else when you’re traveling to Europe or Asia or somewhere else. Some of the best style advice you’ll ever receive prior to packing for vacation is to research what’s acceptable and appropriate in any country you plan on visiting. While packing for domestic travel means being yourself through and through, there are many international countries in which it’s disrespectful to wear specific items or show specific body parts.

Know where you’re going, and pack accordingly while still maintaining your personal sense of style. Going to countries where fashion is just as wild and carefree as the United States makes packing simple, but it doesn’t help you know how to remain stylish as you travel.

The Basics

Traveling means maintaining your sense of style in one or two pieces of luggage, which isn’t always simple. One way to help you do this is to remember the basics. The basics are those things you always use no matter the occasion. You want jeans, tees, a blazer, and an LBD. Each is unique and spectacular in its own way when you accessorize it difference. Jeans and a tee can be casual with espadrilles or tennis shoes, and dressed up with that black blazer and killer heels. It’s how you accessorize that allows you to style your vacation basics.


Think Layers

Scarves, cardigans, blazers, and sweaters are perfect style companions when you travel. Packing layers makes it much easier to dress up or down your clothes, and it makes it just as simple to stay comfortable in any weather. Layers are always stylish, and scarves can be worn several ways.



No matter your style, dresses make it easy to pack for any vacation. Edgy, classic, feminine, sultry, sophisticated, or casual, you can choose dresses that match your mood to stick in your luggage. You can dress them up or down with your accessories to make them more personal. Traveling Japan, China, France or another country in dresses is simple when the weather is nice, and it means you can pack more of what you want to wear since dresses take up such little space in your luggage.



The most important thing to pack to stay stylish on vacation is the right accessories. The easiest thing you can do is pack a vacation wardrobe that includes basics that all go with specific accessories so you don’t need to pack 10 pair of shoes and 9 handbags. Choose neutrals and pack a pair of beautiful heels, casual shoes, sandals, a large handbag for travel, and a smaller clutch for evenings.

Your jewelry should be cheap and easily replaced. Bring nothing expensive or important to you in case it’s stolen. Travelers are often obvious to thieves and other nefarious criminals, and you want to make yourself blend right in rather than stand out with your expensive jewels and beautiful accessories. It’s easy to maintain beautiful style with fun accessories that are inexpensive and easily replaceable.

Every airline has a weight limit for each piece of luggage you pack, and most airlines charge passengers for each bag they check and/or carry on each flight. Keep your luggage filled with basic pieces and great accessories to make you feel more stylish and lovely while traveling. It’s not easy to tell you what to pack without knowing your personal style preferences, but these tips should make it simple for anyone. The basics are always important, and packing items easily replaceable helps you in case the worst occurs while you’re away from home. Stay safe and stylish while you travel anywhere in the world.

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Lindsey Patterson

Author: Lindsey Patterson


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