6 Of the Most Amazing Attractions in Malta

By Andrew Martin

Malta is a country formed by three islands on the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, holiday business is important in Malta. In the present day, it is one of the key tourist destinations in Europe, which is renowned for its effervescent natural beauty and many tourist attractions. It is one of those few islands on planet earth that is blessed with near year-round sun; spectacular scenery and has a rich history that witnessed a lot of great civilizations mark their identity on these ever so beautiful islands.


In the present day, this island is well known as an excellent summer vacation destination as well as a living microcosm of Mediterranean antiquity. As a premier holiday destination, you would be astonished to see some of the most stimulating vacationers’ spots that could be worth enough to make your holiday the most memorable and exciting one. Here are a few of the most amazing destinations that you should visit when you are on your trip to Malta.

Blue Grotto

It is a succession of seven caves and inlets, located on the southern side of Malta and renowned for its deep blue water and inspiring natural rock creations. This well-known tourist spot can be simply accessed by small traditionally designed boats, which frequently leave from a sign posted pier just from the main road over the south coast.

Underwater Safari, St. Paul’s Bay

This is one of the key tourist destinations that attract travelers from all across the world. In point of fact, it is one of those few spots in Malta that provide you a chance to view the islet beauty from an entirely different standpoint. This fantastic underwater safari would take you through streams, fauna and aquatic life. The exceptional feature of this expedition is that you can view wreckage’s from the remark keel along with a comment as you discover the sights underneath the sea.


Clapham Junction

It is thus far another major vacationer spot and can be well-defined as a part of western central Malta wherein deep rut in the substratum usually appears to have been shaped in the distant past by coaches or carts. In addition to that, it has a few of these channels cross rock-cut Punic tombs.

Hypogeum, Hal Saflieni, Paola

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site situated in the south of Malta. 12 meters beneath the street level, this is an excellent and antique underground monument and comprises a network of chambers, channels, and caves cut on three levels.

National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta

It is one more famous tourist attraction and renowned museum that exhibitions items of pottery, sculptures, statuettes, stone implements alongside personal ornaments. On the other hand, some of the notable instances are Punic and Roman Tomb furniture accompanied by the museum’s most esteemed displays – The Maltese Venus and The Sleeping Lady.

Bir Mula Heritage House

It is a privately possessed Museum that consists of some items discovered within the Cotton era area. In point of fact, it is one of the primogenital buildings said to be more than 1000 years old. It was primarily bought as a house by its present day owners, but in the course of the conversion of the property, they found out ancient artifacts.

Nowadays Malta is such an irreplaceable island where you could retreat your eyes and senses with the mesmerizing splendor of the various tourist destinations all across the year. Even though this land measures not more than 30 kilometers, however with such vibrant tourist attractions and luxury accommodations, it can be well-thought-out as an idyllic place for spending a holiday with your near and dear ones.

Image Credits: Hotel Malta

Andrew Martin

Author: Andrew Martin

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