Things To Keep In Mind When You Play Golf In Dallas-Fort Worth

Things To Keep In Mind When You Play Golf In Dallas-Fort Worth

By Dominic J.Leon

1. Top 5 Best Public Golf Course You Should Play in The Dallas-Fort Worth

#1: Texas Star Golf Course

Location: 1400 Texas Star Pkwy, Euless, TX 76040, USA

Keith Foster the course architect stretched this par-71 course to 6,936 yards. You see plenty of water because of the Hurricane Creek flowing across Texas Star.  This public course in DFW will force you to use almost all your clubs. They take members and hold golf classes. They have special discount of 15% in green fees for the Euless residents, provided you submit a residency proof.

#2: Jeff Brauer Course at Cowboy Golf Club

Location: 1600 Fairway Dr, Grapevine, TX 76051, USA

Brauer has worked meticulously in creating elevation on an otherwise flat land. It makes the course unique amongst other courses that use normal Texas topography. There are four sets of tees on every hole which can accommodate golfers of all levels. Hole 4 is a 352-yard par-4 hole. As the signature hole, it forces you to make some tough calls. The fairway is marked with a large Dallas Cowboy Star which NFL fans should take a moment to admire.

#3: The Tribute At the Colony

Location: 1000 Lebanon Rd, The Colony, TX 75056, USA

This public golf course at DFW is designed by Tripp Davis. This 72-par course stretches to 7,000 yards. 250 acres of ranch and farm area were utilized for this stunning golf facility. The clubhouse also goes full Scottish with their music and their décor. Sprawled across 33,000 square foot, its restaurants and pubs carry Scottish delicacies on their menu. There’s also a practice area spread across 25 acres of land.

#4: Tierra Verde Golf Club in Arlington

Location: 7005 Golf Club Dr, Arlington, TX 76001, USA

Hole# 13 of this public golf course in DFW, the Leaning tree, is perhaps the diciest hole. So named, because of an overhanging tree branch which would force you to hit into a bunker, it has since lost its mascot, the leaning tree. However, it is still dangerous with two bunkers and uphill greens approach. There are 5 sets of tees on every hole of varying difficulty levels. There’s a top-notch golf training center, a 3-hole practice course, a lighted driving range and a huge large chipping and putting green complex.

#5: Tangle Ridge Golf Course

Location: 818 Tangle Ridge Dr, Grand Prairie, TX 75052, USA

The front nine holes are as challenging as the back nine holes are easy. There are four sets of tee boxes for different capabilities of gameplay. The fairways are lined with trees. The rough is thick but easily playable. Most of the 56 sand bunkers are sly and deep. 9 holes have water hazards.  A full-fledged practice area with grass range, putting green and even a short game area including sand bunker are available. The clubhouse has pro shop and restaurant facilities.

2. What Does Every Golfer Need In Their Bags When You Should Play in The Dallas-Fort Worth

Buying a golf bag is a responsibility of sorts. You want to carry everything you need but you don’t want to be overpacked. You would literally break your back. To have a long and fruitful golf career, pack smart and be ready for all situations with this list of supplies:

  1. Golf clubs: Duh! But what matters is which clubs you carry. Driver and putter are standard. Fairway woods are also necessary. But swing some hybrids and check if you prefer them over the woods. Do the same for irons. Most golfers replace long and mid irons with hybrids. Based on the loft required and your usual courses, pick up wedges of different lofts. You can have maximum 14 golf clubs in your bag. Make sure you get headcovers for driver, putter, hybrid clubs and woods, as these are sensitive.
  2. Divot Tool: In this gentleman and ladies’ game, it’s important to clean up after yourself. Repair the divots you make with proper divot tools to keep the greens in top shape.
  3. Golf balls: Assess your usual golf course. How many balls do you lose per round, on an average? Keep yourself stocked on golf balls. Carry more of them for difficult courses.
  4. Golf rangefinder: Get a golf GPS or laser rangefinder for distances. Unless you trust your phone app or have a caddie, these devices are indispensable to your game.
  5. Ball markers or coins: Avoid using tees for marking the ball position. They distract the other players. Instead, use a coin or the ball markers.
  6. Water: On your lucky days, you’ll be playing in bright sunny conditions. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can reduce your swing strength. Imagine fainting when you have a chance at a rare birdie!
  7. Cotton cloth: When you carry clubs in golf bags, their heads come in close contact. Moisture and scuff marks can lead to rusting, which will spread through the clubs like an infection. So give each club a light wipe down after every shot.
  8. Sunscreen: The UVA/UVB rays in the sunlight are killers. Apply the sunscreen at least 30 mins before entering the course and re-apply every couple of hours.
  9. Sports Tape: This is a one-stop solution to many problems. You can treat golf grips, broken shoe, broken golf bag parts etc. with these, basically anything but a bruised ego from your deplorable swing.
  10. Snacks: Golf swing consumes a lot of energy. If you want to keep you swing speed and accuracy consistent, keep some snack handy like trail mix, PBJ sandwich, kale chips, beef jerky etc..
  11. Painkiller: Mishaps are common on the golf course. It could be a head-splitting headache or a slight wrist injury. Popping a painkiller might allow you to continue the practice. But do consult with your doctor first and do not consume medicine unnecessarily.
  12. Golf Rulebook: It might sound absurd. But golf viewers can be anal-retentive about golf rules, as Lexi Thompson discovered through a 4-stroke penalty during the ANA Inspiration tour just recently and so did Ian Woosnam in 2001 British Open.

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