Top 4 Winter Catfishing Tips And Tricks To Be Aware Of

Top 4 Winter Catfishing Tips And Tricks To Be Aware Of

By Paul Watson

Regrettably, quite a few anglers tend to overlook an excellent chance to perform some wonderful catfish fishing simply because they fail to make the most of the fishing throughout the winter season. The fishing equipment is packed up once the summer comes to an end and it is kept away till spring comes around again. Sadly, these anglers fail to comprehend what they’re actually missing.

Nevertheless, because of the many benefits that winter catfish fishing provides, it is starting to gain immense popularity at all times and considerably more anglers are taking the benefit of the excellent fishing opportunities during the cold temperature.

Below are some winter fishing for catfish ideas to guide you in taking advantages of all benefits it offers.

  1. Follow the Foodstuff 

One surefire method to get the fish will be to go along with the food given that the catfish aren’t moving a lot in the cold weather while the indigenous food sources still are. In case you are fishing from the bank or perhaps on snow, you will be able to track down schools of bait fish using a fish finder. They are going to appear like a cloud. In case you fish slightly below the cloud, you’ll probably get the catfish which are waiting around to feed.

Otherwise, search for the birds in case you are fishing from the boat. If you observe the birds diving into the water, you will understand that bait fish do exist and that the catfish are nearby. Based on that try to fish the region, while keeping a close watch for any creek mouth and natural ledges in which the cats might be hiding. After setting the anchor, wait till a cat bites.

  1. Choosing the right Bait for Winter Catfish Fishing

Choosing the right bait for winter catfish fishing is not really as challenging as you might think. While picking the most effective bait it will be prudent to take into account the average size of the catfish in the water where you happen to be fishing. Bait which is too big won’t be taken by the smaller fishes and which is too small is going to be overlooked by the bigger catfish. You cannot gain the most from the fishing trips in case you use the incorrect bait size. Also, bear in mind that fishing close to the bottom of the water could get you the ideal results while you’re winter catfish fishing.

You need to keep yourself updated regarding the point that catfish are going to move slower through the winter than they will do throughout the spring as well as autumn which means you need to make for this up by moving the bait at a slower pace. The catfish, just as most of the other types of fish, will be gathering together in groups during the wintertime and thus your initial job will be to find where they’re actually gathering together. You will be all set presenting the bait and begin reeling them in after the catfish have been located.

  1. Reduce speed

A sluggish presentation is crucial whether or not you’re ice fishing or perhaps dropping the bait by boat. Just like the natural bait which will be moving more slowly within the water yours should also follow suit. As soon as a location or destination for a fish has been chosen, drop bait all through the area.

You might need several rods, different depths, or maybe both to protect your bases in this particular location. Keep your bait as still as feasible by keeping the lines fixed. Consider drifting if you’re angling by boat and do not know where exactly the fish are situated. It is very important to slow the cruiser to under 0.5 mph. Drift socks might help to decelerate your speed.

  1. Dress up properly

Although it appears like a no-brainer, you will be amazed at exactly how many outings will be cut short since many anglers do not dress appropriately for those conditions. Appropriate layering is important because of the longer durations spent for fishing cold temperature cats.

Begin with a sweat-wicking base layer for handling dampness, then a protective layer made from merino wool or fleece and top it with a preventative outer coating which is windproof as well as water resistant. Try to avoid cotton. A hat, gloves, wool socks and comfy footwear ought to complete the requirements. You could also go for a light-weight merino wool neck gaiter which provides additional coziness as well as warmth. Always keep an extra range of dry clothing in the bag.

Ideally, these 4 techniques for catching catfish throughout the cold months will allow you to put a lot more fish inside the boat and also create long lasting memories with whoever you choose. In case you are contemplating wintertime ice fishing, you ought to wear the right costume as well as a top-quality ice fishing boot. But, have you ever thought how to choose ice fishing boot?

First, make it a point to opt for those boots that are water resistant. Next, you must also verify whether the pair features a removable liner which will come of use in case you do several trips within a brief period of time. Also, take care that the boots are able to cope with conditions when the temperature is lower than usual. Moreover, coming across those with zippers or buckles will be a smart idea as well.


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