7 Tips for People Traveling to South East Asia

By Kevin Devoto

South East Asia is one of the biggest travel destinations in the world. Before visiting a place, it is important to have an idea of what to expect. Otherwise, you will experience lots of inconveniences. Here are 7 tips for people intending to travel to South East Asia:

Hong Kong Street Shot

1) Use Buses and Ferries for Cheap Transport

In this area, buses are generally the cheapest way to get around during your Japanese tours. The only problems you might experience are the dusty and poorly constructed roads, and some foul smells. Ferries are the best and most affordable way to travel across the islands.

If you want to experience the local places, it would be advantageous for you to get a motorbike or similarly, small vehicle. Your driver can also work as your tour guide for the day. However, this will be a lot more costly.

The area also has offers for lots of affordable flights.

2) Beware of Cons and Pick-Pockets

Tourists are usually the biggest targets for thieves and conmen. As a tourist, you obviously have little experience in the area and also obviously loaded with travel, sightseeing, and accommodation money. When moving around the towns and local places, it is best for you to carry as few items as possible. Leave most of your items at your hotel room.

3) Negotiation is the Norm

Most people from the West are not used to negotiating for lower prices. In South East Asia, almost everything is negotiable. In fact, you will always pay more if you don’t negotiate since the vendors always start you off with a higher price, expecting that you will haggle. That means that you will be expected to haggle and settle at a middle point. There are few exceptional places where prices are fixed.

4) Hire a Tour Guide

Tour guides are tasked with finding the best places to visit in the area. With their services, you will not need to spend a lot of time planning for your trip since you will have a local expert. Also, you will conveniently be offered a fixed price that gets you around the best places in South East Asia. These services are, especially important to people who travel on their own or with insufficient company. Travelling is not easy. It requires some skill and experience. If you lack both of these qualities, then you definitely need to hire a tour guide.

Obviously, not all tour guides offer the same level of service. You should read reviews on the internet before choosing one service to go with.

5) Get Vaccinated

Before travelling to South East Asia, you should check their vaccination requirements. You can get vaccinated in these countries for a low price. Alternatively, you can get immunized in your home country. These requirements are usually set by experts and are meant to protect you from common diseases in the area. If you don’t want to go back home sick, you should consider getting treated accordingly. In many Southeast Asian countries, people are advised to get tetanus and rabies vaccinations.

6) The Situation on the Road

Countries in Southeast Asia are rather random when it comes to traffic patterns. Most times, the cars will even intertwine and follow the shortest route to their destinations. Crossing the roads is also quite a challenge. Most times, you will be safer if you wait for a group to gather first and follow them.

7) Toilets and Showers

In the area, showers and toilets are quite small. Many times, you will have to shower while standing over the squat toilets. In addition, the facilities don’t usually have toilet paper. It would be wise to carry your own. Also, you should pack your own sanitizers.


If you are planning a trip to South East Asia, you should expect a major difference in culture and lifestyle. The place is generally a great tourist destination, which is why it has grown in popularity among Westerners. You should remember the tips listed above when traveling to the region.

Kevin Devoto

Author: Kevin Devoto https://plus.google.com/108198546172312176595


P.S. from Maralyn–I have travelled to Southeast Asia many times during the past twenty-five years and loved every trip. Kevin’s tips are accurate, but don’t let them frighten you. Just travel smart and you will have a wonderful time. I look forward to returning each and every time I do, except for the jet lag.

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