Fall Foliage Map: Interactive Map of Fall Leaves

Fall Foliage Map: Interactive Map of Fall Leaves

I’m personally not big on camping, unless it is in a four or five star hotel. Am I spoiled, yes. Have I done the other, yes. Do I appreciate all it offers to those who enjoy it, most definitely. That is why when I saw Hipcamp’s Fall Foliage Map:  www.hipcamp.com/discover/fall-foliage-map, I felt the need to share it. I have many family members, friends and acquaintances who love camping and this map with the campground listings is amazing.

Is is a startup that creates new places to stay in nature by unlocking access to beautiful private lands such as nature preserves, farms, and ranches. Aside from their cool interactive map, Hipcamp has hand-picked a few unique nature stays in America’s top 5 leaf-viewing regions:


Each campground hyperlinked below contains multiple discrete campsites.

This is a screen short so is not interactive. Click on the link for the interactive map.

>> Shiitake Mushroom Camp: New York
A pristine stream, a working mushroom farm, and fall leaves.

>> Sanctuary in the Woods: New York
Choose a cozy teepee or a double-bed platform.

>> Beechwood Cabin Tent
Sleep in a protected enclosure with a tin roof and canvas tent.

>> Earthseed: Smoky Mt. Sanctuary
Enjoy a 12-foot-high tent and a babbling creek.

>> Adirondack Little Star: New York
Elevated camping in a covered cabin!

>> Adirondack Glamping: New York
Peep the leaves from the opening in this sturdy and comfortable tent.

>> Crow Creek Farm: North Carolina
Enjoy a breakfast of fresh eggs from the farm’s chickens.

>> Apple Orchard Tent Camping: North Carolina
Camp on a grassy knoll overlooking gorgeous yellow leaves.

>> Onion River Campground: Vermont
In the fall, these green mountains dazzle in shades of yellow and orange.

>> Hidden Meadow Tent Site: Vermont
Wander over a bridge to your own private campsite.

SEE HIPCAMP’S FALL FOLIAGE MAP: www.hipcamp.com/discover/fall-foliage-map

When you go to the site, this is just a taste of what you will see on each camping site:

Fall foliage forecast — the best camps and cabins.

The change of the leaves makes fall one of the most beautiful seasons to be outside.

Magic Forest Farm Camp
Loc: Magic Forest was just as expected. We stayed two nights and felt quite secluded. We never got a chance…
Robibero's Retreat
Tara: This is an awesome place to pitch your tent, especially if you enjoy local wine. It’s dispersed…
We admit that fall in New England is quite spectacular, but Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts aren’t the only states to catch vibrant fall colors this September and October. From the diverse hues in the Great Smoky Mountains, to fluorescent pinks and oranges in the Ozarks, to striking golden glows of aspens in Colorado and Southern Utah, there are unique viewing spots Read more…
Riverbank Tent Sites
Erin: A truly incredible place. The care and energy that is clearly given to the incredible property makes…
Ellison Ranch Camp
Andrea: Veering off the main road and hitting the long gravel road leading into the valley, we were greeted by…
Leaves change color in the fall because trees respond to the fewer hours of sunlight by decreasing chlorophyll production, the chemical that is integral to photosynthesis, but also responsible for why leaves are green in the summer.
Tir Na NOg Farm Camp
Justin: I had an amazing stay on the Tir na nog Farm. It was very peaceful and scenic. The owners of the farm…
Misty Mountain Farm Camping
Erin: Misty Mountain Farm is a true treasure. Not only is the farm extremely hands-on for campers interested…
Fall peaks at lower elevations in New England during late September as the region is cloaked in hues of gold, orange, scarlet and purple.
Sacred Hollow
Jody: Great spot! It felt very secluded, with just the beavers for company. Rachel and her husband were very…
Riverside Camp at Brandmoore
Evan: Great spot, tucked onto the back of the farm on the rivers edge. I setup a tent beside the mill shed…
Fallen leaves are essential to forest ecosystems as they provide protection for tree seeds to germinate over winter.
Ranch Camp Tents or RVs
Christine: Right off I-25 North of Cheyenne (Exit 16)Cool owners who open their ranch to travelers who enjoy…
Malaka Meadows Camping
Meredith: This place! 60+ acres of woods and trails and beautiful trees with a pond right down in the center of…
Don’t underestimate fall in the northern Midwest — trees in Wisconsin and Minnesota typically turn to dark shades of red, orange and deep purple, particularly along the St. Croix River which divides the states.
Sleeps in a Hippy Bus
Megan: The Hippy Bus is a bright fun party bus on a beautiful Wyoming property! It’s decorated like a wild…
VT farm on trout stream
Andrea: My dog and I had a blast playing and floating in the river all afternoon. This place is a secluded…
Some people travel all over the country and the world to watch the change of the colors each fall. These foliage fanatics are called “peepers.”
Hidden Meadow Tent Site
Myles: This campsite is a awesome. Sunrise through upon the meadow and your campsite and just enough openness…
The Cove
Meredith: My husband and I loved the cove! It was at perfect spot right by the water and with the fall colors…
Camp Stonewood Ranch
Brittany: Camp Stonewood Ranch was such a rejuvenating space. Julia and her dog have the most beautiful Stone…
Mackintosh Homestead Experience
Andrea: My friend and I could not get over how perfect this place was. We had a blast running around with the…
Sawtooth Soul
Kat: This was such a great and unexpected spot in Idaho! The drive to the property from Boise was seriously…
High Road Farmstead Camp
Andi: We enjoyed our time at High Road Farmstead Camp. The setting is beautiful! The outhouse is the coolest…
Fieldguide Farmhouse
Ezekiel: Our hosts Lee was absolutely the best! One of the kindest people we’ve met in our travels while in…
Faery Glen
Jaime: We stayed in a tent, in a beautiful clearing with a magical pond. Rachel was kind and helpful. Her…
So, for those of you into camping, I am sure you will find something you like. I think this site is amazing. I am going to my college reunion this weekend at Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois. I will be in a hotel, not a 4 or 5 star but then on to Chicago for two nights before flying to New England to take in the changing leaves and visiting with family and friends–no camping for me, but I hope you enjoy this post and resource.


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