Checking Out The Secret Gems of Baltimore

Checking Out The Secret Gems of Baltimore

By Tommy Zimmer

During 2014, the city of Baltimore welcomed 24.5 million visitors. That brought in around $5.2 billion, representing $10,000 per minute. It was about 3.7 percent more than it was during 2014. The state government was able to collect $649 million in taxes from the visitor revenue, which was the equivalent of $630 per household. Additionally, there was an expansion of the workforce with the number of jobs now numbering 82,379, which showed 7.4 percent of a total population holding $2.7 million in income. However, the city has some big challenges too.

A scary statistic came about one year ago. Out of every 2,000 residents within Baltimore, one person was killed during 2016. While some that died were gang members allegedly, others were children, robbery victims, a barber, a chef, and students in college and high school. The fact so many people died in Baltimore last year, it represents a scary reality for the residents of that city and its metropolitan area. According to the police, there were even so much as assassination-style hits that took place. The city also suffers from other problems.

According to the US government, one in ten of all of Baltimore’s residents are hooked on heroin. They project the number will only go up from where it’s at now. The concern is that the trend displays a great need for rehab for those people. Further data displays that binge drinking increased by 34.7 percent from 2005 to 2012. The study states it was mostly driven by women in the city. It could be cause for those struggling with extreme drinking to seek help from alcohol treatment centers in Maryland. Despite these scary stats, there still remains a ton of great things to be seen in the city of Baltimore:

Baltimore City Hall

1.) Baltimore National Aquarium. Lots of major cities have aquariums but not all of them have dolphins inside of them. The aquarium is home to over 17,000 different animals with a species’ representation over more than 750. You can even take the chance to check out the 4D Immersion Theater or the shark tank available for everyone to see. It’s definitely one of Baltimore’s most unique features.

2.) The Site of Edgar Allan Poe’s Death. Did you know that Edgar Allan Poe, the famous poet, died in Baltimore’s old Church Hospital? Information was kept by Poe’s physician, Dr. John J. Moran, who identified Poe’s room as being in the tower on the far left and the second floor, high above, and left of the roof of the porch. People still discuss whether or not this is the really Poe’s last place alive.

3.) Fort McHenry. It’s almost unavoidable if you’re in downtown Baltimore. Fort McHenry lies right on the water and not too far from the downtown of Baltimore. It’s an amazing fort that goes back to its days during the War of 1812. American troops were able to stop the British there despite being bombed by them. It serves an extra special significance because it’s where Francis Scott Key found the inspiration to write “The Star-Spangled Banner.” If you are in Baltimore, it’s one of those must-see places.

4.) Oriole Park at Camden Yards. If you’re a Baltimore Orioles fan and hate most other baseball teams, this will be the place for you. Not only can you have fun rooting on your Orioles, you may also make some great friends while at the park. One of the great things about baseball is meeting other like-minded fans that go to baseball parks and make crazy memories. It’s definitely something you’re likely never to forget about.

5.) Fell’s Point. If you are checking out the waterfront along Baltimore, you might want to check out Fell’s Point. It’s a historic area where all the shipbuilding in the city used to take place in. To this day, you can discover many shops and restaurants that have taken the place of its old shipbuilding days.

Pier 5 and the Power Plant

6.) The Baltimore Museum of Industry. The Industrial Revolution in America has come and gone but there are still many remnants of that era of American life. Baltimore has devoted an entire museum to showcase the many business owners and workers who were prominent during that time. You can even find different reconstructions of a canning factory, an old workshop, and a printing office. If you get the chance to experience what was once regular Americana, you won’t be disappointed to see what this museum has to offer.

7.) The Washington Monument. If you are a big George Washington fan or have an interest in the founding of the United States, the Washington Monument may be something unavoidable for you to check out. It showcases a 228-foot stairway that takes you to the top of the monument, which has a display of George Washington himself at the top. Complete with observation windows at the end of the staircase, you can see quite a bit of everything on the monument. You may find you learn something new along the way too.

8.) The American Visionary Art Museum. Baltimore is not only home to historic stories of the past. It also houses crazy new artwork that is displayed all over in the American Visionary Art Museum. These are not just any artists. You might not find them in the typical mainstream of the American art scene. You can find everything from a 10-foot model of the Lusitania to a “whirligig,” which is a 55-foot wind-powered sculpture. The Lusitania model is made entirely out of different matchsticks. It’s amazing. There might be so much more there still for you to check out.

In Baltimore, there may be the need for alcohol treatment centers in Maryland. That’s if you party a lot. Yet, if you are going to Baltimore to check out the sites and explore history, then you might have a great comprehensive experience of what it’s like to live the modern day in a very old city.

Image Credit: Flickr, Wikipedia

About the author: Tommy Zimmer is a writer whose work has appeared online and in print. His work covers a variety of topics, including politics, economics, health and wellness, addiction and recovery and the entertainment industry.

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