By Georgia Davies

Royal palaces & castles exude so much of mystery and curiosity in us to find about the regalia and majestic way of life, the Royal people live. They all have some captivating historic tales, splendid charisma behind the regal walls, and some spooky activities as well. These regal abodes have so many timeless memories etched to them by the Monarch dwellers over the decades.

Few of these palaces are open every year for a certain period, for the civic to glimpse and imbibe the majestic galore. And thousands of people turn up to visit these historic buildings.

Here is an Infographic to help you plan the unforgettable visit to these Royal Residences. It gives a peek into the appropriate time to visit and what to expect in each place.

Royal Residencies by Moneypod.

Author: Georgia Davies

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