A Quick Look at Office Space in Canberra

By Sarah Williams

Like many Australian cities, Canberra is a wonderful place for entrepreneur and investors. In fact, it shares many similarities with Melbourne. Both regions are highly developed, with sophisticated infrastructure, but their respective populations are modest.

It means businesses benefit from the finest corporate resources. However, they’re not hampered by the vastness of a big city. There is an abundance of office space in Canberra and lots of ways to connect with influential figures. It’s a great place to call home.

This guide to office space in central Canberra will help you explore the options and find a suitable base.   

Nishi Building Newacton, Camberra

The Benefits of a Serviced Office

You’ve got a lot of options if setting up a business in Canberra. There are super modern virtual offices that offer resources in an online environment. There are also coworking spaces where entrepreneurs and small teams share space and corporate tools. Don’t forget serviced offices either. They roll costly utilities and logistical requirements into the regular rental fee.

The result is an entirely self-contained workspace. Serviced offices are simple. You pay a rental charge, as usual, and get everything you need to run a business. These facilities provide cleaning services, heating and lighting, furniture, beautiful décor, broadband, and more. They also happen to be located in some of the finest neighbourhoods in central Canberra.

Why Flexibility Is a Major Asset

There are many benefits to working from a serviced space. The most immediate is the manageable fees. Tenants have the opportunity to make big savings by combining key requirements. Yet, it’s also worth noting how much an asset flexibility can be. Often, having an ability to change and adapt alongside market conditions is the secret to success.

This is inherent within serviced workspaces. They do not offer inescapable leases. Rather, tenants allow their agreements to ‘roll’ on month by month, making changes is they deem it necessary. If they decide to move on, there are no penalties or charges. Serviced vendors do not believe in tying businesses down. They want tenants to feel in control.

Office Space

Securing a Top Spot in Central Canberra

It’s time to take a look at some of the finest serviced offices in Canberra. These locations are considered to be top of the line, world class addresses.

The Nishi Building

The Nishi Building, in central Canberra, is a remarkable structure. It draws the eye instantly because it’s unlike any building you’ve seen before. One side is sleek and modern, with angular lines and a wooden façade. The other half is reminiscent of Gaudi architecture.

It almost looks as if the structure is crumbling in on itself. The effect is utterly striking, and it’s no surprise that many of the biggest brands in the area want to claim the address. The good news is the building contains a premium serviced office facility.

The Realm Precinct

The ambitiously titled Realm Precinct is a relatively new addition to Canberra. However, it has been a huge success and now attracts visitors from all over the world. You’ll find award-winning restaurants, hotels, and world-class corporate facilities in this area.

It is always worth positioning yourself in thriving neighbourhoods. Not only does it help businesses get close to consumers, but it also puts brands on the map. Being associated with high profile areas is one of the best ways to gain attention from investors.  

Making a Success of Your Business in Canberra

Once you’ve found a place for your venture, you can start to create links within the community. Serviced offices are handy in this way too, especially if you pick a facility that contains coworking areas and shared spaces. They make it easy to meet fellow entrepreneurs and get a feel for the local market.

Author: Sarah Williams

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