Tourism for gourmets: the top 7 of the most “delicious” countries in the world

Tourism for gourmets: the top 7 of the most “delicious” countries in the world

By Melisa Marzett

Every nation has its own unique cuisine. Mankind has always loved to eat well, and in some countries, there is even a cult of food. In addition, the main dish of each state is its calling card. Where to go, in order to have a good time to relax, join the culture and life of the country and eat well? Undoubtedly, each country has its own good cuisine, but there are seven countries that can not be compared in this questions:


  1. Italy

Italy – the leader in the number of “exported dishes.” Everyone knows that this is the birthplace of pizza and pasta. Moreover, these two dishes are always associated with Italy. Of course, in addition to the famous pasta and pizza, there are still a lot of excellent Italian dishes, but we will stop at these two. Pasta, like pizza, has its own region. In addition, cooking recipes can radically differ from each other. However, we can name the most popular of them: thus, “Napolitana” is one of the most popular types of pizza, which originated in Naples. In addition, among the many pasta recipes, everyone knows “Spaghetti Bolognese”.

However, in Italy you can not only eat well, but also to drink. Italy is the birthplace of the best wines in the world.

  1. France

French cuisine is no less popular in the world than the Italian one. Traditional dishes for France are cheese (especially with mold), wine, champagne, all sorts of desserts, croissants, snails, oysters, as well as frogs. However, the latter are far from popular enough to call the French “frogs”, as many do. The French are not only gourmets, they like beautiful dishes. Therefore, much attention is paid to aesthetics and the appearance of food, even if it is a matter of ordinary snacks. If you like tasty and beautiful food, you will like it here.

Paris, France

  1. Greece

Greece is not so popular among gourmets. However, many people know that this country is the motherland of feta cheese. Olives and olive oil, as in Italy and Spain, are national products here. Greeks eat a lot of vegetables and seafood, because of what their dishes are always original, tasty and useful.

The most important time for a Greek is dinner. At dinner, there is a wide variety of dishes, vegetables and snacks, as well as wine.

  1. Spain

It is a country of siesta and delicacies. The attitude of Spaniards towards food and rest is very thorough. One of the most popular dishes is paella – a dish made of rice, vegetables and seafood or meat. As in previous countries from our list, Spain is the birthplace of good wine and olive oil.


  1. Japan

Japan should be visited, at least, because of the local cuisine. You will not find such excellent sushi anywhere. Only Japanese masters have all the secrets that would give this dish a unique taste, which won the hearts of gourmets around the world. However, not only sushi is eaten by the Japanese. Here, tempura (meat or vegetables in batter) is cooked with all kinds of soups and udon (Japanese noodles).

  1. China

Chinese cuisine does not cease to amaze travelers. Local recipes are very diverse, due to regional differences – each province has its own dishes and taste preferences. In addition, if you do not like the food in one city, you will surely like it in other places of this big country.

In the south of China rice is the most valuable. It is eaten there all the time together with a lot of different dishes. After all, the Chinese are more serious about food than anywhere else in the world. Any meal becomes a feast.

If the Europeans are accustomed to eat from “their plates”, then the Chinese have all the food on the table for everyone. In this case, you can eat from the common plates, which during lunch can be very much. All sorts of meat and vegetable dishes will satisfy the needs of any gourmet.

  1. Mexico

Our list simply could not do without Mexico. Popular tacos and burritos are Mexican traditional food. Also, the national dish is fajita – meat wrapped in wheat cake with vegetables, grilled on the grill. Mexico is a hot country, and spices help to tolerate heat. So be careful – everybody here likes everything spicy and hot.

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