Packing for your summer travel getaways can be daunting. Making room for all of your favorite swimsuits, flip flops and suntan lotions can fill up a suitcase quickly! When you’re planning on all of your traveling essentials, be sure to include your hair styling tools. HSI Professional has a solution for you! Their Travel Styling Kit comes with a Glider Mini flat iron, Groover Mini curling iron, and Dryonizer Mini blowdryer to help you be prepared for any occasion. These mini styling tools are lightweight and can fit easily in your suitcase without taking up precious cargo space!

With HSI Professional’s Travel Styling Kit, make it possible to bring all your hair essentials on your next trip! With straight hair during the day and fun curls at night, you can rock any look for your vacation pictures!

Check out all of the Travel Styling Kit’s features below:

Glider Mini
Groover Mini
Dryonizer Mini
2 x Airflow Nozzles
Hairstyling Clip
HSI Style Guide
1 Year Warranty
Free Bonus: Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment Sample



















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