Cotes of London launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, with a funding goal of $25,000, for their new line of trendy, fully waterproof raincoats. Cotes of London aims to make rainy days more fun by delivering superior, innovative raincoats that keep wearers dry by using a proprietary technique that bonds a shirt-like cotton twill fabric to the back of the polyurethane coat to ensure they are completely 100% waterproof, yet remain comfortable.

“I was traveling through Antarctica and ventured into one of the old whaling stations where I saw an old rain jacket in a museum. I then remembered an old friend of mine who told me about his great great grandfather who used to make raincoats in London for the great explorers of the era. I returned home to my wife wearing a PU raincoat and a very thin down jacket underneath it and that’s when it all clicked,” said Cotes of London Founder Paul Bradbury. “I’ve been producing garments for many years, but always for somebody else. I’m very excited to be able to try my own collection taking in all the things I’ve seen and learned over many years.”

Cotes of London raincoats are completely waterproof; the design of the coat welds the seams together to ensure wearers stay dry. The raincoats have undergone severe testing in the most horrible conditions England has to offer at sea and in the city. The unique cotton twill backing is bonded to the polyurethane shell to make the coat comfortable, thin and soft.

Cotes of London coats are equipped with an RFID-protected pocket to protect from identity theft and YKK zippers, the most reliable zipper hardware in the world. The coats are available in a variety of colors, such as vibrant orange or yellow, and also more neutral colors like black, ink navy or British Racing Green.

Cotes of London raincoats are currently available on Kickstarter starting at $129 for 44% off. For more information, or to click here to pre-order.

About Cotes of London

Following a trip to Antarctica, Paul and Lindsi Bradbury were inspired to create a raincoat that was both functional and stylish for any season, while being affordable. Paul Bradbury has a background in garment sourcing and production for over 25 years and has worked with top fashion brands in production in Asia and Africa. Unlike most raincoats, Cotes of London’s key point of differentiation is that they are actually 100% waterproof and have been tested in many different elements of weather. For more information about Cotes of London, visit