The Ayana is renowned for its repertoire of five star hotels. These hotels provide high standards of hospitality and luxury.

Guests at Ayana can experience unique Bali cruise packages that offer a great experience both in the sprawling Indian Ocean and in the unique landscape that surrounds any of their hotels.

With all its hotels located strategically in the beaches and in close proximity to other tourist attractions, you can be sure that, its cruise packages will be both interesting and educative and will enhance your holiday experience and stay at the Ayana.

Cruise Itinerary

The Bali Cruise Package offered by the Ayana is a three days and two nights long cruise. It sets off right after breakfast on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These three days are thrilling and adventurous coupling leisurely boat rides with deep sea safaris, snorkeling and visits to the Komodo Park on land.

The luxury boat that you will use for the cruise is uniquely designed and allows you enough time and space to relax and rejuvenate. It is manned by professional, English speaking staff to enhance the quality of your stay and provides the highest standards of hospitality as an extension of the hotel. It is fully stocked with a variety of foodstuff and drinks to ensure that its clients get fresh food each day they are on the cruise.

Cruise Package

The Ayana offers an exciting and affordable three day Bali cruise package to its guests. The package is conveniently structured to ensure the comfort of the guest. It covers all guest entry fees into any place that it may take you.

In addition, it ensures that you will get to experience and learn more about the habitats you will be visiting. The package ensures that its guests are accompanied by a marine biologists who carefully teaches and explains about the marine habitat and life that you will be experiencing.

Within the boat are 30 spas where guests can enjoy a relaxing and exotic massage. You can experience all of them in the duration of the cruise ads they are covered in the cruise package.

In its high standards of hospitality, guests who book for the cruise in advance are afforded airport transfers, luxurious accommodation in the Ayana Lako’ dia and a special room rate at the Ayana Komodo Resort on the famous pink sand Waecicu beach.

Dinner on the beach is also covered in the package fee.

Guests are expected to carry their own cameras and pay for any other services that will be offered to them in the locations that they will be visiting. Services not clearly stated in the package are excluded from the package and you are expected to pay for yourself.

Activities and things to see during the cruise

Once you have boarded the Ayana Lako’ dia, the cruise boat that will be your home for three days and two nights, you are in for an adventure filled ride. You will experience the marine life and enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets aboard an elegant boat, creating moments and memories that will last for a lifetime.

In the sea, you will get to enjoy a deep sea diving safari and snorkeling with amazing sea creatures and locations and take lessons on sea life from the always available marine biologist.

Recently introduced, the deep sea diving safari opens up for you the underwater world. You will experience the multi colored underwater coral reefs, swim with tropical fish and swim in the glow of the manta ray fish. You will also get an opportunity to snorkel in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

In the boat, you will enjoy the massage spas and also indulge in lessons on Indonesian cuisine.

On land, you will get to visit the Komodo Park. Here, you will have a firsthand experience with the largest land reptile found nowhere else in the world. You will be accompanied by a ranger for your safety and protection and for any questions that you may need answered.