If you are planning a holiday to one of the hottest places on earth, then it is important to know how to stay cool, calm, and collected. Beyond making you feel uncomfortable, too much heat can present serious health risks. Sunburn, sunstroke, and heat exhaustion can put you out of commission for several days, or worse, and ruin your holiday.

To maximise your enjoyment during a holiday in a hot climate, there are fortunately some time-tested tips that you can follow to ensure that you stay cool. Making sure to follow this advice will allow you to do your favourite activities and see all of your favourite sights on your next holiday.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to keep cool while travelling in hot climates.

Find The Right Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for every holiday. Depending on the travel insurance that you choose, you may even be able to cancel your trip if something unexpected happens. If you want to have this security, then make sure to read and understand your prospective insurance policy. There may be restrictions and limitations regarding when you can cancel and when you cannot.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to stay cool anywhere you go. It is also an essential component of any healthy lifestyle. Choose water to cut down on calories while you are beating the heat.

As a traveller, it can be difficult to find drinkable water as easily as if you were at home. It is a great idea to pack a water bottle and refill it whenever you get the opportunity to ensure that you have adequate hydration throughout the day.

Take A Cold Shower

For the brave, cold showers are a great way to get a blast of coolness while travelling in a hot climate. While you will not be able to take your shower with you everywhere you go, it is a great way to cool off in the morning or evening when you are back at the hotel or hostel.

Cold showers have also been shown to have a number of health benefits including greater mental clarity and improved circulation.

Wear Loose Clothing

When you are planning your wardrobe for travelling to a hot climate, make sure to pack plenty of loose-fitting clothing. Having flowing clothing will allow air to circulate against your skin and will prevent any discomfort that can arise with the extra perspiration that comes in tandem with hot weather and humidity.

Leave those tighter pants and shirts for the cooler evenings or leave them at home to save some space in your luggage.

Hit The Beach

If you are fortunate enough to be travelling to a warm destination with plenty of pristine waterfront, then a great way to cool off is to hit the beach. While you will want to minimise the time that you spend in the sun if you want to stay cool, having the water nearby is sure to be a welcome reprieve from the heat.

Be Safe And Have Fun

If you are heading to a hot climate to get away from the cooler winter months in your region, then try to enjoy the warm weather while you can. However, as when coping with any extreme temperatures, it is important to follow these safety tips. Doing so will help you to stay comfortable, though it will also prevent your trip from being ruined by unexpected heat-induced emergencies. Enjoy yourself but be safe!