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Lucky’s Hanks in Edgartown

Dinner at Lucky Hank’s Voted #1 New Restaurant by Boston Magazine The last time we were on Martha’s Vineyard was in September, 2012, when we arrived in time for the Grand Opening of Lucky Hank’s in Edgartown where our son, Daniel Finger, is Executive Chef.  We loved the dishes that we devoured at the pre and grand openings, and were eager to return for brunch the following day, but alas, Hurricane Sandy had other plans.  Instead, we raced off the Island on the last ferry and sped south before gas and electricity ran out and many roads were flooded and closed.  After a long year’s wait, we finally returned to Lucky Hank’s to make up for lost time! We relaxed with a kir in wicker chairs in the front garden, then moved indoors for a tantalizing feast on the first day of autumn with creative dishes on and off the menu.  What an enchanting way to celebrate the solstice! Autumn Wreath Salad The salad was so colorful and festive that, as an artist, I had a fleeting thought of painting it first, but I quickly came to my senses.  Fresh-off-the-farm arugula, heirloom tomato salad with astounding hot Fried Green Tomatos with a crusty coating on top!  (The Chef’ may be Swiss-trained, but his Dad is a Tarheel from North Carolina) and green tomato relish kissed with a red wine tomato vinaigrette.  It even inspired me to...

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Lucky Hank’s, Lucky Edgartown

This review of a new cafe in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard is by one of our guest contributors, and our friend, Marguerite Jill Dye. I once lived on the Vineyard and cannot wait to return to Lucky Hanks. I have been enjoying Chef Danny’s creative cuisine for years. ~Brenda C. Hill . . To discover one’s passion in life is a gift.  To live it is a blessing. The stars have aligned for Restauranteur/Owner Doug Smith and Chef Daniel Finger to follow their life-long passion for the culinary arts  in opening Lucky Hank’s Restaurant and Cafe on Main Street. . . This cozy and charming gathering place for gourmet comfort food and good company is already becoming a destination for Islanders seeking a comfortable, welcoming home away from home.   Tasty dishes are prepared on the spot using the freshest local ingredients. . . Between the pre-opening and first night’s dinner (right before Hurricane Sandy), we sampled a variety of dishes that tickled our taste buds.   We found the crispy cod cakes crowned with lobster sauce to be heavenly, and the nutty, crunchy/creamy chicken salad (wrapped in mustard greens at the opening) to be delectable.  Mini lobster rolls sent “oohs” and “aahs” throughout the restaurant, and a lovely cheese plate was served with crusty baguette slices, sugar-roasted cashews and the Chef’s own fig jam and black currant compote with reduced red wine...

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Barcelona Port! Udon by Marguerite Jill Dye

I was anticipating an old port with candlelit restaurants reflecting in the shimmering Mediterranean.  Instead we found a shiny new port-mall with a rock concert and Udon – Noodles and Fun —  a contemporary Japanese style eatery filled with lively young Catalonians half our age. Enticing aromas drift into the mall and outside to the seaside concert we all talk above. Tempora Udon and Seafood Yakisoba with fried tuna provide a delicious late night repast (early for our table mates who will still be partying long after we succumb to jet lag). We were seated at one of two ultra modern white tables that ran the length of the restaurant. It reminded me of a meal in a rustic restaurant-bar on the outskirts of Barcelona in 1965 with my mother and brother, when we ate at a traditional wooden table and a friendly Catalan man proudly demonstrated his wine drinking skills from a pottery caraffe with spout. A flavorful broth with one large shrimp and a variety of vegetables in tempura top the soba noodles made by a pro. My husband’s fresh ramen noodles were topped with tasty fish and shrimp in small pieces. He chose Asahi Japanese beer and I sipped a delicate green tea with rice and barley which complemented the meal. Not a lot of protein but loaded with comfort and ideal for weary travelers. Jill has...

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