By Alfred Stallion

If you mention the word Himalayas you will probably conjure up images of snow capped mountains with the mighty Mount Everest rising above all of them. In fact, the Himalayas are home to nine of the world’s ten highest peaks. But there is much more to this area than these mountains. The mountain range and surrounding countryside have been home to people for many thousands of years, there are a variety of trails across and through the mountains; many of which are suited to those who simply enjoy a good walk. In fact, there are a great many places which should be included in a visit to the Himalayas:

Ladakh – a heavenly travel spot to relax and rejoice

This place is known as India’s little Tibet. It is home to huge khaki colored valleys and rock walls from which you can see an odd green splash. There are an abundance of monasteries which the Tibetan monks still live in and celebrate medieval dance festivals; an experience in itself!

Wild Tibet

Tibet is often known as the roof of the world simply because this high plateau is the highest point of Asia. The great plateau is home to many Tibetan monks and it is well protected from the rest of the world by the huge Himalayas sat behind it. There are huge expanses of grasslands and beautiful, deep blue lakes; it also provides the best view of Everest’s North face. The treks are adventurous and wild, the people are modest but welcoming, and the landscapes are breathtaking here. Tibet is a unique, spiritual place where travelers come to find themselves and meditate.


This is the perfect starting point to explore the mountains properly; on foot. Travel from Nepal and see lines of spinning prayer wheels.  You can get close to and really appreciate just how big Everest is and visit Sherpa villages; where you will always find a warm, comfortable bed for the night.  From here it is a short trip to the Kathmandu Valley; an experience which should not be missed.

When you arrive here you may be surprised to see everyone is still wearing the traditional dress; in many ways this is the Himalayan Kingdom which time has forgotten. There are very few modern technological devices and it is an experience like no other. There is an abundance of attractions here, as well; the Paro Valley with its Tiger Nest hermitage, the tiny capital Thimphu and the amazing monastery of Punakha; which also serves as a fortress.


As its name suggests this is the home of Darjeeling tea; here you can see an abundance of green tea fields. There are still many Buddhist monks living here and a wide variety of outdoor activities are available, including kayaking, mountain biking, hang gliding and elephant safaris.  It s also one of the main starting points for trips into the mountains to climb Everest.

Kulu Valley

This valley is located between the northern town of Manali and the southern town of Kulu.  There are green fields and picturesque rivers, fields of wild flowers and fruit orchards.  It is also a great place to experience an adventure holiday; white water rafting, heli-sking and paragliding are just some of the activities in offer. You can even drive to Solang Valley and then onto the Rohtang pass where you will experience some of the best views of the giant Himalayan mountains.


Badrinath sits ten thousand feet above sea level and is surrounded by massive mountains.  It one of fourth important pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas. This is a sight that is so majestic that it will live with you forever. You can also trek into the Valley if Flowers; a national park n the border of Nepal and China which is completely covered in flowers from mid July to the end of August. This is a unique environment which attracts over three hundred different types of flower. The trek is approximately sixteen miles but you can stop overnight along the way.

Exploring the Himalayan mountain range is a once in a lifetime experience. Even though there aren’t many luxury hotels in the Himalays, travelers will still be able to find comfortable lodging places to relax, have a good time, and enjoy this amazing journey to the fullest.

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Author: Alfred Stallion


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