This water is so good, I needed to repeat my post from Totally Food Wine & Travel on this blog.

When SOLE’ Natural Mineral Water was gracious enough to provide water for all of our attendees on our IFWTWA Conference at Sea, I was thrilled. I had experienced it once in a restaurant.

We were able to taste and enjoy the new contemporary Arte offering which is the newest addition to the SOLE’ collection. I fell in love with the bottle even before I tasted the water. Oh, how I wish my suitcase would have allowed me to bring it home.

The sleek, clear glass bottle features art by Leonardo DaVinchi. His art was picked to grace this bottle since he was known to be fascinated by water and its movement.

The taste is as wonderful as the bottle. This Italian mineral water flows from the same source as it has for centuries. SOLE’ is a family run operation in Lombardy, Italy. We had the still version, but they offer sparkling as well. The sodium content is quite low and their does seem to be some natural sweetness.

You will probably just notice SOLE’ in finer restaurants. However, you can purchase it online.

I thought it would be cost prohibitive, and was pleasantly surprised. I’m probably going to order a case for myself.

I’d encourage you to visit SOLE’s website. You can learn the full family history as well as processing and mineral breakdown. The story behind this company is interesting in itself.

IFWTWA says thank you SOLE’ for providing us with delicious water in a beautiful bottle to enhance our surroundings.