Recently, you saw a product review for New Leaf Teas (5-28-10). Well it was the consensus of Norm and I as well as well as Eric and Patrice that “New Leaf, The Official Beverage of Taste” is exceptional.

I had specifically requested that New Leaf keep me advised of new additions to its current offerings. As a result, I just got my preview bottles of New Leaf Strawberry Lemonade, New Leaf Homemade Lemonade and New Leaf Black Cherry Lemonade. These lemonades are just as outstanding as its teas. Also included was the New Leaf Tiger, which is half iced tea and half lemonade. All of the lemonades have 10% real fruit juice. The lemonade is certainly a good addition to the New Leaf line up.

My request was to also experience the diet teas. So in my carton were samples of the Lemon – Diet Blue Tea and the Peach –Diet Blue Tea and the Unsweetened Black Tea. I was quite satisfied and pleased with these, especially the lemon and peach. There was no lingering after taste. Just a thirst quenching satisfaction.

Since these arrived in time for a July 4th gathering, it was the perfect time to taste test and get comments from Norm, Eric, Patrice and Mikkel.

They all preferred to stick with the selections that were sweetened with 100% pure, organic cane sugar. I like them all, but probably would serve those to guests and lean more toward the diet versions just for caloric reasons. I probably would pick one of the natural sugar sweetened a couple of times a week as a treat as they are really great.

Eric Skae, the founder of New Leaf, The Official Beverage of Taste believes, “Real sugar tastes better than HFCS. What’s more, scientific research links HFCS to obesity and other negative health outcomes. That is why our regular tea and lemonades are sweetened only with 100% pure, organic cane sugar.”

New Leaf was founded in 2004. His goal was to create a healthy beverage with high quality ingredients and an exceptional taste. New Leaf Tea was his first product and is now available in 14 unique flavors in addition to the new lemonade. New Leaf is easy to find, as it is available in over 8,000 outlets including restaurants, delis, pizzerias, etc. It is also available on

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