We found it. The perfect cocktail…called the Jet Lag- A taste of summer.

What great timing. After over 30 combined hours of flying time, Maralyn and I landed in cold and snowy Lyon. The inventor of the Jet Lag cocktail prepared a taste of this delicious concoction. I was cured, at least for a few hours.
Who could resist the flavors of strawberry, Mandarin orange and pears. I discovered the taste of the summer on a cold winter’s day. Here it is:

Jet Lag Cocktail

I fresh, ripe strawberry
6 leaves of mint
1 ounce mandarin syrup
3 ounces of Eau de vie Poire Pure Premium vodka
12 ounces cranberry juice


Muddle strawberry, mint and syrup.
Add ice, the vodka and juice.
Shake and serve in a  cold martini glass.
Taste the sun and revive.