One of the best summers of my life was spent near the charming city of Zurich. Even as a student with little money, there was so much to do and thousand-year history to experience in this vibrant Swiss city. Just walking along the wood and lake side paths in the cool, bright sunshine or under the stars was a treat. The aromas of fresh bakery bread and chocolate wafted through the air. On warm days I could jump into the Zurichsee – Lake Zurich, for a refreshing swim in this beautiful blue lake in the heart of downtown.

Zurich especially captured my heart both then and two summers ago when I returned to experience the museums, theaters, opera., ballet and concerts, plus my favorite cafes still serving original fondues, cooked in the old Zurich style.

I wish I could have spent the entire summer, as Austria’s Empress Elizabeth once did, at one of the best hotels in the World, Baur au lac.

The Hill team feels blessed to have experienced this small country with a wealth of cultural riches and wonderful people.

Brenda C. Hill

International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
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