Trying out new health retreats and those lesser known is a passion. On these particular retreats that I’ve discovered, I have not experienced them first hand, but I sure would like too and write about them. Because they intrigue me so much, I wanted to share them with you. If any of you go, please share your experience with us through our submission tab. I’ve gotten some first hand reports, but I would prefer to get them from followers.

They say you can find your zen in Asia’s most exotic destinations. So far, I’ve personally discovered so many, I don’t know that I could settle on one, but here is a great selection to consider.

The first Secret Retreats properties to host LHR programs will be at the following destinations:

Tugu Lombok, Indonesia

Tugu Lombok is located on the northwest coast of the Lombok and overlooks Mount Rinjani. Tastefully decorated suites with private swimming pools, luxurious villas, and wooden bungalows spaciously sprawled out along a white sandy beach, Tugu Lombok is an ideal setting for a Luxury Health Retreat.

Dates: 08-15 June, from 3,890 USD net per person – airport transfers, 7 nights’ accommodation, full board and program for 7 days are included

Combo Tugu Bali – Tugu Lombok

Dates: 21 September – 01 October, from 5,775 USD net per person – airport transfers, boat transfer Bali-Lombok, 10 nights’ accommodation, full board and program for 10 days

Tree of Life, India

Tree of Life Resort & Spa is built in the traditional architectural style of Rajasthan and is serenely located on the Aravali hills, about twenty kilometers from the hustle and bustle of the city of Jaipur. The resort features luxurious villas with a garden and private swimming pool and fresh produce coming from their organic vegetable garden providing a tranquil environment and the perfect setting for a retreat.

Dates: 20-27 October, from 3,665 USD net per person – airport transfers, 7 nights’ accommodation, full board and program for 7 days 

Some LHR common features throughout all of the retreats.

From the earliest civilizations, Asia is known to be the treasure holder of some of the ancient healing traditions still practiced today – from Ayurvedic medicine originating from the Indian subcontinent, to acupuncture, qi gong and herbal medicine developed more than two thousand years ago in China. With a natural link between Asian culture and Eastern philosophies, both promoting physical health and well-being, Secret Retreats has invited Luxury Health Retreats (LHR) to put together specialized programs that combine health, discovery, and luxury at some of Secret Retreats properties.

The serene and tranquil environment of Secret Retreats properties combined with the expertise of LHR in creating wellness and fitness programs enable guests to regain their ideal balance and rhythm in some of Asia’s most exotic destinations. Health Retreats may range from Fitness Retreats, Weight Loss Retreats, Weekend Getaways and multiple day Retreats, emphasizing that holidays can be fun, exciting and transformational.

“Luxury Health Retreats are more than just a holiday; more than just a relaxing spa experience; more than just a packaged tour. LHR incorporates everything you need for an exciting wellness oriented experience talking health retreats to a whole new level”. Daniel Remon – Founder of Luxury Health Retreats.

The fitness program activities will include morning bootcamps, beach exercises, outdoor yoga classes, treks, educational health seminars, health-oriented cooking classes, as well as optional rejuvenating spa packages, cocktail cruises, and exquisite sunset dining experiences. The cuisine during the events will be health oriented and reflect the local tastes and flavors.

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Please let me know if you like to hear about these exotic destinations I discover that I’ve been unable to experience yet? If not, I keep the space to those that I know for sure. ~MDH

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