Irrespective of what your business is all about, you will need to get yourself a car to go out prospecting for business, building your sales network, and servicing myriad other requirements. If you are going to be on the road a lot then it will pay to devote some amount of attention to selecting the best possible vehicle. However, with so many options and features available on modern cars, it can be really tough arriving at a decision. Some hot tips that can make the selection process easier:

Opt For Good Mileage over Everything Else  

certified pre-owned cars
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If you are really going to be clocking up the miles in the city and on the highway trying to meet business prospects and getting deals through, it is vital that you choose a model that gives you really good fuel economy. With gas costs being what they are, you do not want to fritter away your hard-earned profits at the gas pump. However, be sure that you do not forsake horsepower in the pursuit of economy otherwise driving for long distances will become a pain.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid that is a trendsetter in its class is a very good buy. It delivers close to 50 mpg and is an eco-friendly option too. The Nissan Leaf that runs on electricity can be an excellent buy if all your driving is in the city – it gives an astonishing 99 mpg. The Ford Explorer is a very good option if you want a combination of space and economy – it seats seven and delivers mileage comparable to mid-size cars. If you are really keen on saving costs, you could consider certified pre-owned cars instead of a new model.

Go With Innovative Technology

Cars are increasingly employing many smart and innovative technologies that can make the lives of their drivers easy. From something as basic as hands-free mobile phone calling and receiving capability powered by Bluetooth technology to touch-sensitive screens with interactive maps using GPS to guide you safely and efficiently to your destination, there’s a slew of smart features that contemporary cars are now equipped with. What many of these features essentially deliver is a driving experience that lets you stay focused on the road and not get distracted with fumbling around for switches and knobs. A relatively large vehicle like the Ford Explorer can not only accommodate six of your office colleagues but with its Wi-Fi hotspot capability, all of you can get connected to the Internet and convert it into some sort of a moving office. You can get to see a large selection of these new-gen vehicles at Ideal Auto USA.

Safety above All Else

If you are planning to do a lot of highway travel then you need a car that is high on safety. Apart from a robust construction, aim to get a few of the many bells and whistles that modern electronics have made possible, like a radar that keeps on scanning the road ahead and adjusts the car’s speed automatically to maintain a safe distance. You can also get advanced collision-avoidance systems that provide 360-degree coverage so that you are aware of other vehicles sneaking up even on your blind side. Needless to say, you should insist on airbags both in front and on the sides to keep all passengers safe and sound. The Curve Control feature found in the Ford Explorer is worth taking a second look; if a curve is misjudged by the driver, this feature slows the vehicle down so that control over the vehicle can be restored.

Don’t Compromise On the Comfort Factor

When you are on the road endlessly trying to push your business to greater heights, the last thing you want to do is to land up exhausted for a meeting. Even mid-size cars like the Prius can be extremely comfortable while retaining its compact size and stylish looks. Depending upon the region you live in, make sure that the heating and cooling is more than adequate. Another point that you need to pay attention to is the amount of noise that leaks into the cabin. Don’t overlook the vital importance of seats – ensure that you get proper lumbar support as well as support for your thighs so that you can sit comfortably.

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Author bio: Robin Hogg is an expert on certified pre-owned cars. He has worked for more than two decades in a number of leading auto dealerships, including Ideal Auto USA.

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