Wedding destinations from around the globe that are best for 2017

Wedding destinations from around the globe that are best for 2017

By Alfred Stallion

Life is meant to be spent well and this dream or goal can become reality when proper planning is done for the special events that mark our existence. The wedding is one of these important events to consider and plan well in advance to ensure a perfect day and night for yourself, your life partner and the special guests willing to attend your unique celebration.

From gorgeous weddings to romantic honeymoons as well as vow renewal celebrations, you have a wide range of magnificent destinations at your disposal to choose from and make sure your dreams come true in 2017. Let’s discover the best wedding destinations from across the world and start planning your 2017 wedding.

Aruba: breezy wedding destination in the Caribbean

Aruba is the 6th most visited island in the magnificent area of the Caribbean for numerous reasons. First, because it is located in the south of the hurricane belt which makes it a safe region for tourists who might be concerned about tropical storms threatening their big day. Also, it features sugar strands such as the Baby Beach favorite as well as ample nightlife options for those looking to extend their holiday after attending your special event.

There are numerous casinos active in the area as well as multicultural historical attractions that will attract everyone’s attention during their stay in Aruba. Finally, it is an amazing place to choose for your wedding because you can plan a legal ceremony inside City Hall then hold the symbolic ceremony anywhere you like, even on the beach.

St. Lucia: a volcanic isle where dreams come true

Have you watched The Bachelor series yet? No matter what your answer might be, you should know that it was filmed twice in St. Lucia, a gorgeous location that will simply take your breath away. It offers you the chance to experience the wedding organic thrills in a splendid garden where your guests will feel part of something special.

You can treat yourself and your special guests with new spa treatments during their stay in this location and enjoy the gorgeous room decors that seem to be taken right from the cover of gorgeous magazines. Enjoy the swim-up bar as well as the main pool or the renovated suite where you can accommodate your wedding guests and make sure they have the time of their life celebrating your special day.

Hawaii: perfect wedding on the big island

The big island is the largest one in the chain and will amaze you as well as your wedding guests with incredible diversity in terms of topography. You will be amazed by the way in which the landscapes tend to vary dramatically as well as the choice of backdrops that will be at your disposal during your stay in the area. You can plan your wedding to take place on the Kina coast which features a lunar type of landscape in the West.

Moreover, the east and north costs are also a great option for couples looking to plan their special event in a super lush and wet climate. Your guests will have a lot of things to do in the area prior to or after the event, given the fact that they will want to spend a few days in this amazing region. You can explore the rain forest region, go horseback riding, lay on the beach or try out snorkeling. You will all have a great time on the big island of Hawaii and create lifetime memories.

Personalized wedding ceremoniesat Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

No list of gorgeous wedding ceremonies could be ended without including Las Vegas on it. Today we recommend Aria Resort & Casino as a gorgeous celebration destination in this town of life. It features great onsite ceremony and catering services as well as great overnight accommodation and onsite parking services. You will get support from specialists for your wedding coordination as well as access to the reception facility to ensure proper planning for everything you wish to become a dream come true on your big day.

Finally, no matter where you choose to spend your wedding day, either in Las Vegas, one of the gorgeous cottages Suffolk has to offer, Hawaii, St. Lucia, Aruba or any other destination, having a blast is a must requirement for the event!

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Alfred Stallion

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