5 reasons why we love the Midwest

5 reasons why we love the Midwest

By Jenn Livingston

5 reasons why we love the Midwest

When looking for a new place to live in the United States, there are a lot of different regions worth considering. One part of the country that a lot of people love living in is the Midwest. There are five reasons why people love living in the Midwest over any other region of the country.

Home Affordability

One of the main reasons why people enjoy living in the Midwest is the affordable housing. Many cities on the east and west coasts of the country, including San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, now have median home prices well in excess of $500,000. While there is a lot of demand for homes even at this price, it tends to make people feel more strapped for cash. While there are some expensive markets in the Midwest, there are some big cities that are still very affordable. Some of the best places to live in Indiana, including the Indianapolis metro area, have median home prices well below $200,000 .

Less Traffic

Another reason why people like to live in the Midwest is that there is a lot less traffic overall. The east and west coasts of the country are littered with populated cities that are near one another. This creates serious traffic patterns both inside a city and when commuting from one city to the next. While these cities tend to have better public transit systems, overall commute times are still much higher than in the Midwest where someone can get around easily. Furthermore, the lack of time spent in traffic getting to and from work will provide someone with more time to spend with their friends and family, which helps to promote a more enriched lifestyle.

Change of Seasons

While some people like to be in warm weather throughout the year, those that are truly from the Midwest will always enjoy the change of season. Most areas of the Midwest will get at least a few months of summer, spring, fall, and winter every year. This helps someone to truly enjoy the warm summer and spring months, while also appreciating the beauty and fresh feeling of both the winter and fall seasons.


Another great reason to move to the Midwest is that there is a lot of recreational opportunities. The Midwest is full of big cities, wide open spaces, lakes, and state parks. During the summer months, the entire region is littered with summer festivals that draw some of the best food and live entertainment in the world. During the winter months, there is a lot of outdoor recreational activities including skiing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. Those that are sports fans will also enjoy the countless athletic events that can be attended, which range from high school to major college sports to pro sports.

Laid Back Life

Overall, one of the main benefits of living in the Midwest is that it comes with a more laid back atmosphere. Those that live along the coasts and in major cities may feel that there is a lot of competition when it comes to work, fashion, and keeping up with the joneses. In the Midwest, it does not take as much money to achieve the same level of luxuries. This results in an overall more laid back attitude as people are less focused on trying to impress and keep up with their neighbors.

In conclusion, when you are looking for a new place to live, one great area to consider is the Midwest. There are five particular reasons why people love the Midwest and tend to spend their whole lives in the region.

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Author: Jenn Livingston

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