How Northern lights holidays can be a brilliant family trip?

How Northern lights holidays can be a brilliant family trip?

By Alfred Stallion

Nature is full of amazing products that make for amazing viewing. This includes wild animals and amazing plant life. A trip to see either of these products of nature makes for a great family vacation. Your kids get to interact with nature firsthand and this aids in their development. But have you considered taking them to a trip to view the amazing northern lights? As another product of nature, these lights provide your kids with the chance to experience nature at its amazing best. Kids are usually fascinated by bright things and these natural lights will definitely amaze them. A trip to view the northern lights makes also makes for a great bonding experience since you and your kids willbe involved in chasing the lights. Travelling to experience the northern lights is a bit challenging and without the right information, your trip will be a big failure. Here is what you need to know to make your northern lights family holiday a success.

What causes the northern lights?

These lights appear when the solar radiation from the sun reacts with the earth’s magnetic field. These interactions give off amazing lights that appear in the sky as brightly colored lights. They don’t have a predefined pattern of appearing in the sky and sometimes viewing them is a matter of luck. The trick, however, is to understand the best places to view the lights and the conditions that favor the appearance of these lights. This will help you plan your trip better and maximize your chances of viewing the lights.

The best places to experience the northern lights magic.

The regions around the Arctic Circle are the best for viewing the northern lights. This includes the regions of Alaska, Yukon, Norway, Iceland and all around the Arctic Circle. A key component in the appearance of northern lights is the presence of large water masses that serve as surfaces for reflection. Considering that the regions around the Arctic are usually frozen, the best time to experience the natural lights is around fall. At this time, the water masses are not yet frozen up and this makes for greater reflections.

Viewing the natural lights.

The natural lights appear as an explosion of light in the sky and before you know it they are gone. Good sightings are very common but great sights are very rare. You should consider yourself very lucky if you sight great natural lights that are rich in color and structure. Timing is very important when trying to view the natural lights since you can spend the entire day trying to sight them and the minute you choose to take a break they appear in the sky. This is particularly difficult when you have kids since they may not be able to withstand the harsh conditions outside. Families traveling to view the natural lights should, therefore, find comfortable accommodation in their sighting locations where the kids can relax as the parents chase the lights. It is only when the natural lights are visible in the sky that the kids should be brought outside to view them. This will ensure that the kids are not exposed to the cold weather outside as they try to experience this once in a lifetime event. If you intend to take photos of the lights, then you should do so quickly before they disappear. You will need a great camera with great lenses to be able to take great pictures of the lights.

The best time to view the lights.

The best time to view the lights is late in the day when the skies are clear. Clouds interrupt the display and your best bet is late in the day when the skies are clear. Since you’ll be chasing the natural lights in the evening, you should plan your northern lights holidays to include great day time activities. This will keep your busy as you wait for the night to kick in. A great idea would be to find a location with a beautiful scenery that you and your family will enjoy touring. Find great accommodation facilities that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day.

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