By Brian John

Camping should be a getaway and relaxing activity for everyone. You should always ensure you plan and prepare in advance. This is to ensure you enjoy each moment you spend on the camping site and finish you camping as a ‘happy camper.’

Each time you go camping, try new ways of camping to make it more fun. Outdoor adventures should always be made flawless; you can do this by ensuring you are well informed of what to expect.

It is therefore good to be familiar with tips ideal for tent camping before your next excursion. Here are important tent camping tips that will come in handy when in the wilderness. Take a look.

  1. Try out your tent at home

Camping means you will sleep outdoors and therefore you need a tent. It would be so unfortunate if you find yourself on the camping site not knowing what to do with the tent. It is therefore advisable to always try setting the tent you intend to use for camping at home.

The advantage of this is that you can find some errors in your tent and fix them on time. This is a better way of solving out any challenges that you may face with your tent while you already at the camping site.

  1. Screened in tents

During your tent camping, you will not be spared by harmful insects like bugs and mosquitoes. These insects can make you feel very uncomfortable and therefore end up ruining your vacation. It would be very unfortunate to make great plans towards a good time in your tent camping only to get ruined by blood-sucking insects.

To keep these blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes and bugs away, you should have a screen placed where it will serve best. Screened in tents will also build confidence as you eat, this is because you will make sure that no flies get to your food.

  1. Camp close to home

This is mostly for beginners, always camp close to home. This is to avoid dilemmas you may find yourself in should your camping go south. If things go wrong while camping, you can find your way home and everything will just be fine.

  1. Learn from others

In most cases, we tend to trust something after hearing what others have to say about the same thing. It is therefore advisable that you first learn about different camping sites from people who have been there before you settle on the camping site. Don’t rely so much on the advertisements you get online lest you want disappointments.

Get information and views from people who have visited the camping site, and make a judgment from the comments about the place. This will ensure you make a wise decision on the place to go for camping.

  1. Review the campground

Once you are settled on where to go for camping, it’s now time to choose the reserve a site. Ensure you have studied the map of the camping ground; create some time to study the area. This is to ensure that you get to choose the best site in that camping ground.

  1. Leave pets behind

Some like going camping with their pets. Camping with dogs and other pets is something common nowadays, but is the right thing to do? It is very important to understand that during camping, you are all in the limited space community and therefore you should respect each other.

Leaving your pets behind will be the best option. This is because pets may change personalities and make your camping hectic. To avoid any dramas and embarrassments, I would prefer pets to remain at home.

  1. Plan for a comfortable camping

You want your tent camping to be the best experience ever? If yes, then you should be very positive in investing towards it. Spare some cash to buy things like camping chairs. Imagine yourself relaxing while in a comfortable camping chair, it is a great feeling! You will need your body supported while sitting around the campfire enjoying the campfire warmth.

  1. Packing

Packing is very essential; it should be done right and before the actual day of the excursion. You should pack to your comfort level. Make your packing simple and at the same time very comfortable. It is good to stay organized even in the tent; this is more reason why you need to make a good parking for your tent camping.

A good parking should include: clothes, personal items such as toothbrush, a mini medicine cabinet, foodstuff and fresh drinking water. It would also be a good idea to pack ready to eat food for camping. This is because cooking using campfire can be time-consuming and therefore carrying camp ready food is an added advantage.

  1. Keep your tent warm

While you are outdoors camping, it is best if you understand that nights can get chilly. You should, therefore, plan on how to keep warm in your tent camp. Your sleeping bag should be of good quality to ensure warmth in the night.

A catalytic heater may also be of great help in warming your tent. It generates heat making you enjoy spending a night in a tent. However, you should make sure that the catalytic heater does not run all night. It should run just before you sleep and for a while in the morning.


Tent camping should be what you will be looking forward to on your next vacation. This time you should have an aim of making it the best experience ever! These tips will ensure you find tent camping as an adventure worth investing in. Use these tent camping tips next time you are outdoors for camping. Wish you all the best in your tent camping adventure. Happy camping!


Author Bio: Brian John is very passionate about camping and any other outdoor activities. He loves sharing his experiences in camping with other people and ready to interact with whom share the same passion with him through Enjoy The Wild blog.

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Brian John