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Artificial intelligence or also known as AI, are machines designed by humans who allow them the specific capacity and ability to be able to think. As the world enters a technologically advanced era, the concept of perfecting as well as bringing forward innovative forms of Artificial Intelligence has gained a significant amount of popularity as well as momentum.


Researchers, as well as scientists, now aspire to enhance further the thinking ability of AI by incorporating emotions or emotional quotients within their systems to also make them more human-like. Advantages, as well as the same number of disadvantages, are bound to be associated with such forms of technology, some of which are mentioned below for those more curious to know.

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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

Minimal Leverage for Error: One of the core reasons behind the creation of artificial intelligence was to help replace human workload. Since AI is automatically fed with information as well as orders they are intended to follow in a precise manner, the chances of error reduce significantly with the high levels of accuracy as well as precision that they can deliver in following their command.


Go Places Where Humans Can not: AI has become a popular concept in fields which may be somewhat difficult for a human to explore without being under extreme risk such as fuel exploration as well as mining. The complex forms of machines can help with better performing the tasks at a more reliable pace as well as with a higher level of responsibility due to their durable nature.


Carrying out Day to Day Tasks: A prime example of Artificial Intelligence being able to effectively carry out some of our day-to-day tasks such as finding directions, setting reminders is that of Apple users utilizing Siri; a form of AI.


Utilized as Digital Assistants: Large organizations have begun using highly updated as well as advanced forms of Artificial Intelligence to create digital assistants who can better interact with others without having to use up any human resources as well as letting emotions get in the way of useful communication.


Carrying out Monotonous Jobs Perfectly: The quality of a task is bound to be jeopardized under human control where the works are highly monotonous. Machines can; however, thinking fast as well as more logically than human and at the very same deliver accuracy at a relatively higher time pace; therefore, significantly increasing and maintaining the quality of the tasks being undertaken.


Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Extremely High Costs: Since Artificial Intelligence are highly sophisticated machines, the financial inputs placed within them are bound to be sky-high. Aside from the initial cost of purchasing the AI or creating the AI, frequent updates as costly repairs need to be made to ensure the AI functions well.


No Form of Creativity: Imagination nor creativity are considered as the forte of Artificial Intelligence, while they are excellent with carrying out automatically preset tasks, they are of absolutely no competition to a creative human mind.


Create Unemployment: As AI continue to take up the tasks that may have previously required human labor, the percentage of humans being unemployed will continue to increase; therefore, eventually paving the way for an economic crisis.


Stagnant Quality with No Room for Improvement: Unlike in the case of humans, AI cannot attain self-improvement following experience. Since they do not consist of the capacity to change or alter their responses/functionality by their surrounding environment, no possible room for betterments or improvements is left with the tasks being carried out.


No Judgment of Right and Wrong: Artificial Intelligence does only what it is programmed to do, the absence of emotions as well as moral values cannot help them decide or tell apart from what is right or what is wrong. Therefore, cannot under any circumstances be considered as any form of replication of the human mind.


All aspects of technology are bound to consist of both pros as well as cons; it is up to the creators as well as those utilizing them to ensure that AI is used under productive as well as safe intentions only.

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