In the modern world, many business people undertake numerous international flights as part of their job. Though it may seem excessive, as it is becoming easier, faster and cheaper to travel by plane, many companies across the globe consider it essential to meet with other business executives face to face in order to secure contracts and build trust.

Of course, while this may seem extravagant, even luxurious, it is not without its downside. Many individuals on long haul flights complain of feeling like densely farmed cattle; trapped in a small box for hours on end without the luxuries of being at home and with minimal comfort.

If you are someone who regularly travels by plane and needs to make this regular experience feel more comfortable there are several things you can do. As you can have carry on luggage, it is important to pack the right items to help you relax on the flight. Basic items, such as earplugs and hand sanitizers go without saying but what if you want to add a more luxury feel to your travels?

Though the following items can be used by all people, regardless of their gender, for this list we will be focusing on helping men to ease their nerves and enjoy their business flights in style.

Gentlemen, here are some essential, luxury items to pack in your hand luggage, to bring the comfort of home onto the plane.

Portable phone charger- in the age of smartphones, with any long-distance travel, you will need to keep that battery charged. If your plane is delayed at take off or runs in to another issue, having your phone plugged in will help you feel more confident about using the battery life to tell your boss or colleague that you will be delayed. Though phone chargers are not on any airports prohibited items list, it is worth telling the TSA staff that you are taking one in your hand luggage.

Inflatable neck pillow- a common complaint from all those who travel by plane regularly is that their neck starts to feel stiff. A blow up or inflatable neck pillow will help stabilize your neck, keep it cushioned and help you to nap if the need arises. If you are prone to migraines or tension headache, this is an absolute must. Comfortable, functional and a touch of luxury.

Wash bagthe pilot has announced that you will be arriving at your destination in an hour, but you can feel that five o’clock shadow starting to rear its head. For any gentleman, a carry-on rollable wash bag, containing an electric razor, a sachet of aftershave and some face wipes is a necessity. A stylish wash bag can add a touch of much needed glamour to that cramped, airplane bathroom.

Tablet- an update on the traditional book, an electronic tablet will keep your hands busy and can even help you work if you need to; very useful if you are prone to travel sickness and need a distraction.