About six months ago, we received a Foldable Storage Box with Handle from www.theGrommet.com. Why have I waited so long to review it, because Brian and I have been constantly putting it to use. We wanted to see its durability. Much to our surprise, six months later, it is like brand new.

Foldable Storage Box
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Foldable Storage Box

This Foldable Storage Box with Handle folds flat and unfolds in a snap and has a padded strap to make carrying easier. It will hold up to sixty-five pounds and we test it on a continual basis. You could use it for anything, but we use it for groceries. We set it right inside our shopping cart and put our groceries or wine inside. We carry ours right into the house, unpack, wipe clean and it goes back in the trunk of Brian’s small Audi convertible. Its 12.06” x 10.8” x 14.57” (open) size is perfect.  It is made from recycled materials and wipes clean easily. It is a good $40 (MSRP) investment to always have a good bag ready and able to cart your purchases. We’ve also used it when taking food and wine to someone’s home.


This is also a convenient box to put supplies in if you knit, crochet, bead, needlework, or any type of hobby or business where you need to keep some supplies portable and easy to transport. Decades ago I used to display at art shows and paint while I was there. This would have been a lifesaver. The Foldable Storage Box is only limited by your imagination. I bet you can think of some great uses.

When you try one, please let us know if you enjoy it as much as we do.