When Brenda and I wrote “Our Love Affairs with Food & Travel,” we knew we had a wonderful selection of 90+ chefs from 19 countries and 17 states. Neither one of us had every seen such a varied number of chefs brought together in a book.

Well, now there is one–not more chefs, but a wonderful assortment of 48 of the world’s top chefs, offering insights and recipes. I’m thrilled that my sister-in-law got me this fantastic book for my birthday.

“Off Duty,” is the title and it was put together by David Nicholls. Who better to put this type of book together than someone who has been chef in some of London’s celebrated kitchens. David is currently the Executive Chef of Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London.

After his son had an accident in Australia and suffered a spinal injury, David started The Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation. It supports research into the treatment for spinal injury and rehabilitation for patients with spinal injuries. Proceeds from the sale of “Off Duty” will go to this foundation.

Back to the book–if you want wonderful tips and recipes from world renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Charlie Trotter, Wolfgang Puck, Michel Richard, Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller (just to name a few), this book will provide them.

When asked in the book what inspires him, Chef Herbert Berger replied, “Fresh, full-of-taste and cared-for produce.” I view this book as fresh, full-of-tastes and insights from chefs worldwide. It conveys their common denominator, passion.

If you enjoy food and the personalities who prepare it, you will enjoy “Off Duty.” It is a great read.

Maralyn D. Hill
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