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Well, OK, I have to do it. St. Valentines Day is NOT my favorite holiday, yet I find it fun to celebrate in a culinary way. I call it Love Day. Of course, these recipes work well any day.
It is an unusual cool and cloudy day in the South – perfect for that rare mug of hot chocolate. I had some left over, chilled it and made a simple version of a chocolate martini.

Brenda’s Hot chocolate
6 heaping tablespoons of cocoa mix (or more if you like very chocolaty)
1 cup of milk (I admit to using half and half)
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg, if you have it. It is my secret ingredient in many dishes.

Heat in saucepan on the stove on low or medium low, stirring often.
Serve hot in a mug.

Make double hot chocolate and chill, if you like chocolate martinis.

Brenda’s Choclate Martini
1 or 2 shots of the vanilla vodka (This would be equally good with hazelnut liqueur.)
Chilled Hot Chocolate
Put the cold and creamy chocolate in a chilled martini glass.
Add a shot or two of vanilla vodka or hazelnut liqueur.
Sip, savor and swoon.
Usually no garnish, however, if sharing with a sweetheart, add a chocolate kiss on top (or few chocolate chips)

Bartenders Chocolate Martini
3 oz chilled vodka
1 oz chocolate liqueur
Gently stir and serve in a chilled martini glass, no garnish.

Now for the Love Day treat:
The best sweet martini the Hill Team has ever tasted was at Gogi’s in Jacksonville, Oregon—it was Carmel. Norm and I were planning to share one since it was about 10 am. When I went to drink my half, it was long gone. I saw a big smile on Norm’s face. See our post in December 08.