It is a hot day in the tropics as the Tandem Tasters write about hot turkey and stuffing for our November recipe columns.

Thinking about stuffing made me long for a good ole simple burger. My thoughts went from Julia Child, who always inspires, to James Beard. He hit on the idea of tucking in a hunk of gorganzola to the center of a burger before grilling. This is a bit of indulgence since you need a fat burger to stuff. If not Goganzola, we like Cheddar, Guyere or smoky Gouda. I have even placed a cube of frozen sweet butter in the uncoiled burger – the way we used to indulge in chiken kiev.

We know you all have a favorite burger recipe, so we are only adding some of our burger tips.

We use the best quality of freshly ground beef,  chuck for Brenda, sirloin cooked medium for Maralyn and Norm. We go for any cheese inside or out.

We spread Dijon on our burgers before grilling.
Instead of hambuger buns, try toasted  English muffins -you want those  buttery nooks and crannies. Or try a toasted baguette, or other interesting artesian bread on the grill. Watch carefully.

For drinks – Oregon Pinot Noir or lemonade for The Team. Brenda suggests Belguim Wheat beer or an English black and tan.