Nominated by “The Guardian” The Best Ceviche in the world” Chef Javier Wong is a real expert doing the Ceviche. He is an icon in Peruvian gastronomy, he is recognized by the Master in Peruvian culture.

In Peru we know the best dishes you will find are in this places call “The whole in the wall” or huariques . Chez Wong  is how everyone call the chef and he earn the title with hard work and modesty.

He opens his doors and welcome his guest at his home, just some are lucky to make it sometimes people can wait for a reservation for a month.

In my experience Chez Wong make the best Lenguado in the whole Lima, Lenguado is a white fish that is the only star in his kitchen, his particular way to do it is not having a Menu, he always make all happy with the flavors and the way he cooks in front of all the guest.

Is a place you can’t miss in your visit to Peru and Delectable Peru Gourmet Food Tours make this visit unique and delightful .