Sherrie Wilkolaski and I are in Lyon for Sirha and Bocuse d’Or. It has been a whirlwind, as with our eight-hour layover in Madrid, we were up around 36 plus hours without sleep. So, we are recouping from big time jet lag.

After checking in the Novotel Part Dieu, we ventured down to get a nice meal of cod. Then it was off to bed. We slept in until 10:30 a.m. so we could meet my dear and long time friend, French Master Chef Herve Laurent. He took us to lunch at Paul Bocuse Restaurant. Paul Bocuse has held three Michelin stars for over forty years, the longest. Our meal was so special and we got back from lunch around five. Obviously, we did not need dinner.

The next day was the start of Sirha. For a cheese-lover like me, the Croix Rousse tunnel was amazing. It was a first in first in Lyon or anywhere else…a 1.7 km long food-lover’s itinerary in the longest pedestrian tunnel in Europe, entirely fitted out to create a unique experience for all of the senses – Mr Paul’s soup was served by students from the Paul Bocuse Institute – The world’s largest cheese board (800 different cheeses!) – A 100 m long fish stall, tasting sessions and culinary workshops focusing on local products organised by food trade specialists (bread, pastries, chocolate, butchers, etc.) around the city. The photos we are posting are from the Lyon Metro News and you can read more about this Sirha event there. #sirha@sirha.lyon. The link translates from French to English…!YTewEjmfCeuQs/




It was also the day of the International Catering Cup 2015 which the French won, so they were very excited.

The Press Room at Sirha is exceptional and we appreciate all the effort that goes into putting the event together.  Today, in addition to watching some ice carving and chocolate creations, the competition for the French Pasty Cup took place. We left to come back and get some work done. Tomorrow will start the Bocuse d’Or along with other events, plus visiting 3000 exhibitors. Naturally, we’ll miss some.

That is it for tonight. Off to bed for tomorrow is a full day. at #sirha, BocusedorOfficial,@sirha-lyon.



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