Merry Everything, Happy Always 2016

Merry Everything, Happy Always 2016

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When I started Where and What in the World, my main additional contributor was my long time friend, Brenda Hill. I am happy to say, she is still one of the main contributors. When we began, we talked about have contributors from all over have an outlet for their writing about various topics of interest. We hoped most would be about food and travel, but were open to most topics, except political. Needless to say, the topics have proven to cover many more subjects than originally anticipated. Now, we have contributors from all over the world and every week, there are inquiries from new individuals.

Maralyn D Hill & Brenda C Hill

Maralyn D Hill & Brenda C Hill

To the contributors to Where and What in the World, thank you, as you are very much appreciated. Please realize when you submit a post via our submission page, it may take a couple of weeks for a response and publication.World Ornaments by Christian Ferrari

To our readers which now number over 30,000 UVI per moth, you are what keep us enthused. Some of you leave comments and others contact me directly. Thank you.

With joy and good wishes we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a wonderful 2017.

I shall end the way I always do,

Merry Everything, Happy Always,



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