By Sandeep Srivastava

Datacenter hosting service is the result of the internet technology.  This is a type of hosting process which deploys and hosts a data center on a third-party service provider’s infrastructure and enables you to use all the services and features of a data center from the hosted platform.

Today, there is a great demand of datacenter service requirement. As a result, a good many companies are providing this service to feed the demand. However, choosing the right one is a complex task.

Keeping that in mind, we are providing in this blogs 6 simple questions that you must ask before choosing any service provider. These questions will really make the task easier.

Datacenter Hosting – Find the 6 Top Questions

When choosing a datacenter hosting company, you should be focused on selecting a company which provides easy to use service, excellent support and the company is serious enough about its operations to guarantee that your website will never be down unless the entire datacenter is completely demolished.

Find below are the top questions to ask.

Ask about Backups

Make sure about the backup options. Ask the company whether all the databases and files are backed up. The service provider should not just backup the files or the database, but they should backup the both. Also ensure the frequency of the backups. Daily is the best option. However, if you don’t update your site too often, weekly may also serve the purpose. Also make it clear the place where the backup will be located.

Ask about Location

Never choose services providers that have their datacenter in areas prone to extreme weather or are politically unstable.  Take it seriously. Try to get in-depth into finding the information of the datacenter location. Make sure whether you can find the location on the company website.

Ask about Patch Management

One of the important things is to know about how current their software is. Ask what version of PHP the service providers are using. If you know it, go to and check the current stable version. If the company has Fantastico, find out what version of WordPress they are installing. Since WordPress updates its version on a regular basis, it is a good measure to ensure how well the hosting company stays on top of their patching regime.

Ask about Testimonials

Make sure the website has the name and third party sites to which the company has provided the datacenter hosting solutions. Search on Google about that company. Try to contact them ask whether they are satisfied with the service provider. The purpose is to see what the company’s clients are saying about it.

Ask about Phone Support

Has the company mentioned any customer support phone number on its website? If you don’t find any contact phone number, skip the website and switch to other datacenter hosting service provider. If you find the number, try to call the number and ask a couple of questions this blog has contained. If you are getting the answers through the IVR system, telling you to leave your information, drop the call and find another company. It’s not good to hire a company which does provide a human on the phone line.

Ask about Crowded Servers

It is good to make it clear about how many sites the service provider puts on each server. If there are more than one, make sure who is looking at how. It is advisable to find out the number of sites on the server. This is a useful way to compare the service providers and choose the perfect one.

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While the aforementioned questions are not a complete list of factors, it can help you largely to choose the right Datacenter Hosting Service Company. We suggest you to avoid the most common causes of problems when choosing a hosting service provider.

Author Bio – Sandeep Srivastava, Digital Marketing Head at ResultFirst, is a data-driven digital marketer with over 8 years of successful online marketing experience. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in the field Technology, Gadgets, and Digital Marketing. Off duty, he enjoys spending time with his family and indulging in cricket matches.

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